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June 14, 2010


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Looking at the silver lining on the dark cloud of this tactic, at least Commissioners Court will have it's time and energy taken fighting weekly attacks and not passing ridiculous resolutions or raising taxes. Maybe it is good that they constantly have to look over their shoulder.

The fact that Gilbert Sanchez received a continuace from his Federal trial for one year is enough time for him to dismantle his office piece by piece, lose or shred his files and misplace or mismanage documents that belong to the tax payer. I really hope he does since those type of antics can be considered State Felonies.

As for Cobos and his crew, you can't help but feel sad for those people, especially when the people they finger point come back on to LIVE proceedings and reveal, who is sleeping with who and how inappropriate their behavior and obvious bias is so disgusting, that they fall short of telling the County Judge you are "pathetic" and there is no way this man should consider running for Mayor, oh HECK NO way. Five months and two more weeks and adios to both of them and their crew???

THE M.E. was not a bullshit issue and welfare cheese escobar looked like a complete idiot along with bernal,haggerty,perez, esparza and the list goes on.

Ahh the baby shower. They grow up quickly. One moment they need to be carried,then you turn around and they are walking and by your next breath their first day of school has arrived, in the blink of an eye they are in high school and have what they think are serious love interests and before you know it they are married and you are now a member of the Grand Parent Club.

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