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June 09, 2010


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It's my understanding something like this would go to voters possibly as part of a QOL bond issue.

It's also my understanding that nothing is firm, plus the city is likely looking at other items for a potential QOL bond issue.

Basically they would like to have what they are calling a "signature project," something that might enhance El Paso.

Therefore, a QOL bond issue might be the vehicle which allows for that community consideration.

If you are getting different signals from officials at the city, please LET US KNOW.

Honestly you don't have to explain having a change of heart on an issue, everyone with an open mind does it regularly.

You point out a common problem that leads to a lot of conclusions on the public's part when the media outlets give us the "abridged version" of the topics of the moment. Actually that seems to be the only version they are capable of or interested in producing.
That's when blogs like this and others really appeal to the interested parties who appreciate the opportunity to voice concerns, create discussion and offer their input on issues.

Old Fart,

you're right - put it to a vote. you can't package it any better than that.


thanks for the understanding. We can discuss this measure. I can be swayed just like anyone else.

I'm not absolving Ortega of his past anti-business votes, but at least he does talk with those who disagree with him. At least we have a chance.

well, it sure sounded like you were absolving him of his past bullshit. the only reason he probably talked to you is because of the way you made his street car thing look stupid in your past article. i believe your article made him change his mind and narrow this street car thing down to a gimic for oregon street only. i believe you were right in your assumptions that he wanted it for much more than just oregon street in the beginning.
at least you got his attention on how stupid it would be to out these thing all over town.

Southwest Specialty Contractors sounds like a front or shell (no real Google results) that the DEA should be looking into as part of the latest crackdown.

Obama's mama is trash and so is Steve Ortega!

As a young reader of your blog (23) I agree that the oregon prop would mean huge business for the area bars. I lived in Lansing Mi, for a couple of months while going to law school and they had an express trolly from MSU to downtown lansing. The two entertainment districts were 4 miles apart but the trolly would make it easier for students to party at both districts in one night and lessen the amount of drunk drivers on the road that were bar hopping. In ep when we bar hop, we drive from cincy to downtown and vice versa.

Plus the service ran till 3 am so people could stay till last call, have 30min and a bus ride to sober up and get home.

I've told Rep Byrd about the idea and she liked is as well. I offered it as a parking solution to the 3 legged monkey parking problem. You could have a loop that has people park at the eastside terminal, 1st stop would be club 101/Comic strip area then the second would be 3legged monkey then back to the eastside terminal.That way we can start making some type of money for sun metro.

You don't even need to go to MI to see this in action. Austin has this system that buses UT students from 6th to the off campus apts till 4am


If you indeed went to law school, you should know that it's spelled "trolley".

BTW, East Lansing is a hard muthafukkin place!

Here's a pic I took last time in East Lansing:



Sorry I was typing that with a touch screen phone (as I am with this comment), still trying to get used to it. Anyway its a blog comment section, not a brief to my research and writing prof.

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