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June 08, 2010


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I could get on board for the Oregon St. route, but I can't really see a 2nd destination point in the near term.
It should definitely be developed and designed to be an attraction more so than a transportation mode for commuters.
I do have some doubts about the cost estimations overall but particularly the refurbishing of the cars, along with the ongoing maintenance as I doubt there are replacement parts being produced for these models.

I'm also curious how would this "fit" into the available space on Oregon, since they already had to do away with the on street parking and so on to accommodate the new buses?

this sounds like a kissazz turnaround. what does ortega need to vote on in upcoming weeks that has changed your mind.

And where does the money come to pay for it. The City is borrowing 50 million a year or more and only paying back about 20-30 Million a year. The debt is presently huge and only getting larger.

i'm for any mode of public transportation that will keep carl robinson off of the streets without a driver's license!

in fact, he can join the two other people i see on the huge #53 bus in my neighborhood on a daily basis. the three of them can chat it up all day long

with people on council like susie byrd, steve ortega, anne lilly, beto, and quintana, carl is the least of your problems mike.

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