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June 21, 2010


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Very effective analysis.

Enough is enough, we need to get rid of what we have now and put someone else in. All that Cook has done is agree with her majesty Joyce Wilson and raised taxes all the way and every way they could. And they are at it again. What have they done for the city nothing, nada, zilch!
Unless you think that playing the guitar and selling his products are ok
We need someone honest that will care for this city and not just a say so from the mouth. We need someone that knows what they are doing and will take note of the whole city and not just a few areas here and there.

Good stuff

LWeaver: Actually taxes under the current city manager have not exploded to the level that you would like people to believe. The city manager DOES NOT set the tax rate. She presents a budget with a tax rate to support that budget and COUNCIL decides whether they want to raise or lower taxes. So please quit putting false information out there that the city manager raises taxes. City manager does not have the legislative power to raise or lower a tax rate. Council is the only entity that can raise or lower the tax rate.

taxpayer, I too pay my taxes.
But, I don't kiss any bodies

weaver is right. she has not cut the budget since she has been there. all she has done is throw the street department guys to the psb stormwater so we dont have to pay for it through the city. we still pay for it through the water bill though. where is all that extra money we should have in the budget since the psb took over the stormwater ? its in the general fund. she will never cut the budget because that would mean getting rid of employees under her and those who have become friends. i still like this form of government, but city managers never look to cut. they are just like episd administrators.

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