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June 27, 2010


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You mean to say that with all the anti-TC attorneys in town not one would do this pro bono. Is TC and SL that feared by the old cadre of attoneys from the Shapleigh-Caballero group? Where is Michael Wyatt?

The State Bar urges all attorneys to take on a certain number of pro bono projects. I hope someone from one of El Paso's large law firms who do First Amendment work will see this and help David out. Don't let Stuart Leeds and Theresa Caballero win. The more lawsuits they win, the more people they will sue.
This will serve to chill freedom of speech in this city. They'll become untouchable.

Michael Wyatt is an Assistant County Attorney. He couldn't take on this case.

You know the thought occurs to me that it might be beneficial to get some TV time on your story and the need for an attorney issue...I would assume that KVIA might be inclined to feature your plight at 6 and 10.
It's possible the right attorney will be watching and offer their services at a reasonable rate.

KVIA is scared shitless of those guys.....they have been sued too much by them.

I don't see any indication that they are intimidated at all.
They have had story after story about T.C. and S.L.'s activities just in the last week (as have all the other media outlets) including adding a disclaimer that they have are also being sued by the above.

It might be the best thing for everyone involved to make this fiasco as public as possible.

I think there are numerous examples where the court of public opinion has had a huge effect on the outcome of legal proceedings...

Have you approached Sen. Shapleigh? This should be right up his alley

Always remember, that when you get something for free, you get what you pay for.

DavidK is free to post all the motions etc here so as to network, the gravest error a layman pro se can make is not attempting to network with others, its true that few people attorneys or not have the time or will take the time to network but one should always attempt.

Stop blogging and get a second job, ya broke pompous asshole!

M. Wyatt has the respect of many and is politically connected, he is the defense attorney on two of my pending lawsuits against the county, its true he cannot take a pro bono case, I don't think Wyatt or Ousia Davis have done many 42 usc 1983 plaintiff suits...I think Ed and Maria Hernandez have done the most pro bono actions on 1st Amendment and 4th Amendment.

But it true the legal community is small in El Paso and everyone knows who golfs with who. That is why it is best to read law your self. It is impossiable to be a civil rights activist without attempting to learn law.

Everyone seems to be missing the point here. If DavidK loses then your access to news, your right to express an opinion about a public figure will be at best hindered and at worst removed by the threat of possible lawsuits. Don't know how preemptive suppression of speech that can get.

I think some are confusing 1st Amendment issues with slander, libel and defamation issues. Leeds did sue David in his official capacity as a ethics commissioner...Leeds claim is not that David does not have a right to speak about the Government but that David defamed Leeds.

ment Leeds did not...

I think we all understand that the case is about slander, libel and defamation in a legal sense but David didn't do those things, he simply exercised his right to free speech and in the end its that free speech that this lawsuit is attempting to silence.

As LisaT said..this is about creating fear in the minds of anyone who speaks out against the actions of others.

They seek to eliminate your right to question anything they do.

They continue to use this tactic to bully and suppress those that dare to use their right to free speech.

While I'm sure David will not appreciate the irony, it seems obvious that simply by bringing this action against David, the plaintiff whose basis of the case is that he was somehow harmed by David's public writings has himself done FAR more to bring the public's attention to the very words he claims to be so afraid of...

has anybody thought of contributing to a "legal defense fund"?
It seems to be a popular and effective means to affording legal counsel. The Clintons and Nancy Pelosi and others appeal for such funds on a regular basis.

use the public defender or is she as big an idiot as cobos and tc makes her out to be ?

use the public defender unless your agree with cobos and tc that she is a complete idiot.

better yet, use beto and steve since their el paso times crime blog seems to make you think they are attorneys.

I'm pretty sure the public defender only handles criminal cases, not civil defamation cases.

i know allison, just like to tease, but steve could if he could pass the bar.

I would love to donate to Stuart Leeds fund. I hope it hurts David! You have hurt so many people in El Paso! Remember one thing… Pigs get Fat and Hogs get slaughtered! It’s your turn in the slaughter house!

big mouth in trouble,

Nothing hurts. In fact, this has been an exceedingly good time for me seeing the support of so many people.

I'm guessing you're probably larry medina or norma chavez - seeing as how they take the brunt of my opinions (rightfully so). Otherwise, I don't pick on anyone who doesn't deserve it. Name one person I've "hurt" and didn't deserve it. Then tell me how someone can be "hurt" by this little ol' blog. Remember - sticks and stones will break my bones...

Get a life.

I see you have 5 maybe 6 supporters here.. Good Job!! There are countless people you have slandered here.. And, no I'm not in county or city government. The people that deserve the harsh treatment like Cook, Byrd, and Ortega you turn a blind eye too. Are you happy to live in a community with the worst city council in America?

I see you have 5 maybe 6 supporters here.. Good Job!! There are countless people you have slandered here.. And, no I'm not in county city or county government. The people that deserve the harsh treatment like Cook, Byrd, and Ortega you turn a blind eye too. Are you happy to live in a community with the worst city council in America?

Big Mouth...
Let me get this straight...on one hand you condemn David for his opinions and on the other hand you condone slander against selected individuals because in YOUR opinion they deserve it?

Hypocritical much?

Big Mouth Rob... One of Six Supporters…

There is a difference between criticize and slander. What I witness her is slander at the highest degree. No one deserves slander! Now, there are a few people that need to be criticized for poor performance. Let me give you an example of slander….. David K belonged to the KKK while molesting little girls at church while taking money from his campaign money to buy cold beer to drink while driving the short school bus to school full of kids. Now for criticized…. Susie Byrd should be criticized for sticking her tongue out at an attorney during a legal proceeding. Learn the difference! And, NO, this is not TC!

Big mouth,

Thanks for completely killing your claim against me. I've never made a comment like that about anyone.

If I'm so "slanderous" then why have I only been sued by one person and it's frivilous from the word go and not one attorney not named Leeds or Caballero has given the suit an ounce of credibility.

the main problem with their lawsuit is that they claim that I called Leeds corrupt. I didn't. His name appears in the first sentnence and the word corruput appears in the last and it modifies "Court house." It's a case of them having bad grammar - worse than mine!

Why the judge thinks you need a lawyer: In many Texas cases, media and First Amendment litigation is appellate litigation. Defamation lawsuits against media defendants involve First Amendment defenses that are often decided by the filing of a summary judgment motion without a trial. If a trial judge denies a media defendant's motion for summary judgment, the defendant has a right to an immediate, interlocutory appeal that, if successful, will terminate the lawsuit.


At Haynes and Boone we believe that a meaningful professional career is much more than just handling major business transactions or trying complex lawsuits. Our lawyers actively use the law for helping those people and organizations who need it most but are least able to pay.

Haynes and Boone is committed to supporting such opportunities for pro bono service and believes this kind of leadership is the right thing for a firm like ours to do. It serves the common good where we live and practice.

big mouth, you are right about the supporters. all you have to say is "32 percent" ! even a crook like ketner received more votes.

32 percent,

If I'm so unpopular, why are you patronizing my blog?

It seems I'm popular enough for you to use this platform to send your message out.

In this case, you have contradicted yourself.

And my vote total doesn't bother me. I see who gets elected in this city and I certainly do not want to be associated with that ilk. Remember, the same voters who rejected me, picked Cobos.

in this case, you have contradicted yourself by responding. why respond if you dont care ? why have a blog if you dont want the attention ? those same voters picked your buddy beto, steve, susie, bernal, and veronica. are they ilk too ?

What has Cobos done that is so wrong? Just curious? An you trust Veronica Escobar in office?

Cobos MAY NOT have done anything that is so wrong. We won't have any definitive answers to this question until the FBI $hits or get off the pot. :) I wonder -- does the FBI need more fiber in their diet?

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