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June 08, 2010


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I don't think the media mentioned the valedictorian's father's death as a way to make that loss seem more tragic than the others; (because you're right: every person who lost a loved one suffered the same tragedy). But I can see where losing your father, whom you expected to be at your graduation ceremony, beaming with pride because you're the valedictorian, does put a bit of an ironic twist on the tragedy. And in my experience, reporters usually try to find something a bit different or unusual about a story. I think that's all this was.

Nothing to worry about as the city may be bankrupt by 2013.

The shooting yesterdy is already on Drudge Report.

Your description of the death of the teenager as 'murder' implies that a crime took place. It may have been self-defense.

The fact that there are several organizations investigating this event would imply, for some, that fair and un-biased reports will be generated about this tragedy. My opinion is that some of these organizations already have their reports written and are looking for 'facts' to back up their slant.

When a liberal says it, she is evil. When a Republican says the same thing, he is a hero:

Mike Huckabee says Isreal is Occupying Palastine


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