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June 15, 2010


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This is the result of people who are seeing their property taxes increase and having the school district asking for more money. They will need to do what the rest of us are doing: look at their budgets and see where they can cut costs.
It will also be our time to point out to the school administration if and when they make "irresponsible" cuts.

One would think the days are numbered for Dr. Garcia and the trustees running for election this time. The poor judgement excercised by the EPISD leaders in misreading or ignoring the political will of the EPISD voters then dragging in the Business leadeers and politicians to lend support has put egg on the collective face of the El Paso leadership in the eyes of Texas and the Army. Someone will have to pay for that, and that someone will be Dr. Garcia. If the EPISD voters will not trust the EPISD administration and Board with their money, then how can they trust them with their kids. Garcia should move on to another district and the board should choose to spend more time with their families and let other who are willing to make hard financial decisions take the lead. Now the watch should be on to ensure teachers are not punished with layoffs. The cuts can occur in many other areas to make up an $18 million shortfall in the coming years. Better to do without some programs than a teacher lose their livelyhood.

What I have found irresponsible in this whole thing is the coverage by the El Paso Times.

Shapleigh made some damning accusations.

The Times reports them.

The Times does no investigative reporting on them.

The Times endorses the TRE.

Does that mean they investigated the accusations and found them without merit? Then tell us. Or did they not believe Shapleigh? Then tell us.

But for them to publish Shapleigh's accusations (which are either incredibly irresponsible OR something the public should know more about if true) WITHOUT a shred of investigative journalism is terrible.

That paper has become a rag.

Attention all government entities. No more tax increases. Get your sloppy house in order. Quit building monuments to yourself. Here that City Council and County Commissioners. Goes for the other taxing entities also.

Lower expenses with smaller classrooms when you weed out all the illegals in our schools. they pay no taxes. they reduce scores on the standardized tests, just ask Shapleigh.

What happened to getting money for children and school teachers?
Lorenzo Garcia is now wanting a big fat raise. Why?What has he done for the children of El Paso, or for the school teachers. AND NO I don't mean the illegals that use our schools and don't ever pay taxes. I don't even have any school children and I still have to pay. Why is Lorenzo Garcia still here? And why is it that no one has looked into his history
just like Dr. Shroud? As for Shapleigh at least he
came out clean and knows to start an investigation.
At least give him credit for that.
If you knew how to budget
here are some things to consider:

Let kids get passes for the regular Sun Metro. Other cities do this and it saves money.
Let go of so many administrators. Cut them out and see how much you can save.
Quit asking for so many raises and benefits just because you are a School
Do not take all these no tax increase on the children. They cannot do anything if their parents voted NO.
Children need to have music and arts and sports.
They need to have Science labs, computer rooms, etc.
With so many more BRAC coming to El Paso, we will need those schools they want to close.
For once THINK about the Children and not YOUR POCKET!!! There are many ways of budgeting just ask
any woman that runs a tight
ship in her house. I know that with what little I get I almost do miracles with that little bit of money every month.
Another thing some one told me that the School Trustees are now getting
paid. How true is this? That is another area that we can take money out of.
Stop splurging on tax payer
money and LEARN TO BUDGET!
Another thing you all have to remember and is that a few years ago Lorenzo Garcia wanted to go somewhere else. He did not get the job, so he had to stay here. It is time that they got rid of him and put
someone honest in there. A person that will think of the children and teachers first. Some one that really
cares for education and children.

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