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June 02, 2010


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Well, the money is already committed and the charrette is going to happen..with that, we might as well go forward and come up with a plan that includes a lot of public input. Think of this as an opportunity for El Pasoan's to step up and get involved in the process...whether this project comes to fruition or not.

What would be worse is that nobody would show up because they don't care...then it is truly a waste of money and another missed opportunity for El Pason's to get involved.



Did you not read between the lines here? I think you should and realize that your money is being wasted no matter what input you have.

Plus - YOU DON'T HAVE ANY INPUT! It's a put on that consultants who advise companies on how to get government contracts tell those companies to do! They will not consider one single idea because you are not qualified to give an idea on the subject! How would you like the general public chiming in on how our city lawyer's go about protecting us?

In my mind, I feel I do have a say which is why I plan on attending the charrette. I see this as an organized opportunity to come together with other citizens who want to move El Paso forward.

Being young...25, I guess I still live in a world where I believe my voice counts.

Whether they choose to listen is up to them...but if I am ever in a position where I pull the purse strings, then I hope that I at least listen to those in my current position and implement some of those ideas if it is beneficial to the community and makes economic sense.

As far as the $$$ going outside the community...it is unfortunate but I wasn't there during the selection process and can't tell you why they decided they way they did.

Could it be possible that Dover Kohl, & Partners was the best option? It isn't always a sin to go outside the community to get input.

livingelpaso is showing his age. The sin is we in El Paso have any number of firms qualified to take a survey that doesn't mean anything. Very foolish waste of tax dollars either way but since City Council is hell bent on wasting tax dollars, big surprise there, why not at least waste them on a locally owned company.

I'm confused - who owns the property?

hey, how about that 600k survey we spent on the round about in the valley with that 100k art windmill thingy. didnt an outside firm get that one too.


Check out the link above. Its the council agenda item awarding the contract. If I am not mistaken this firm was originally selected to provide the update to the City of El Paso Comprehensive Master Plan (usually required every 5-10 years). Council decided to direct their efforts only to ASARCO at this time and at some future date do the comprehensive masterplan update (for an additional fee to be determined later). If someone wants to find out if local firms submitted then do an Open Records Request and ask for the list of respondents and their scores.

Living here in El Paso, has taught me that only the stupid people get in high places. They buy their way into government for their own purpose of getting their names in the lime lights and getting more money in their own pockets. Most people are poor and under served. If you are illegal they give you everything but if you are American you get the shaft.That's the way of life here in good old El Paso, Texas.

is the land really is contaminated ? if it is then concrete over the whole thing so water cant soak the contaminated stuff into the river. then cover the whole property with solar panels. that should give enough electricity to run city hall and maybe utep. make sure that we get the money for the panels with the money for remediation of the site. leave the smoke stacks there. this is the cheapest way for remediation and getting some type of use for the site.

this would give jobe,cemex, construction, engineers, and others needed work. get the solar panel consultants from here and not outside if possible. if taxpayer money pays for the panels then this idea is useless. it should not come out of the general fund. the solar panel industry is not cheap right now and it will be later. let the remediation money pay for the panels. heck with no electric bills maybe the city could cut some taxes down the road and go back to 5 day work weeks. what do ya think ?

david, i agree that the 4 lane road in juarez was made in hope for a crossing there, but if you notice it also has a new 4 lane that veers off towards the santa t. crossing going over the hill. i dont think you have enough room there for a crossing on paisano. i also dont think you have enough room at riverside either. one thing is for sure, if a crossing is put at the brick factory can you imagine how quick walmart would put up a store on the land they own on mesa and executive.
you would have tons of mexicans saying "vamos a chopping a walmarrrrt !"

Contamination is an issue for the community, and the responsibility for clean-up should come from the land owners. David, does the city of El Paso believe they can purchase this land for the price of a song? That might be so -- but the clean-up, refurbishment, and any development of this land is going to be expensive -- you aren't exaggerating on the price tag -- 600K already, (everyone should repeat that with the reverence it deserves; SIXxxxxx HuuuUNDRED THOUSssssAND DOLLAR$$$$) and the city of ELP doesn't even own a square foot -- when they do, they are going to be in deep with tax payer dollars, and own a big, white elephant with a resale value of zip.

UnBelievable Arrogance on the part of city council to spend this money without owning the property. Not to mention the out of town hire, the inherent biological hazard associated with this property, and the total waste taking a poll from citizens will be. My gambling friends will be participating in this poll by placing bets on how often the suggestions will include words like, "Water, Theme and Park".

Has city council hired the decorator, painted the walls, purchased the "perfect" curtains, and IGNORED the catastrophic termite damage in your metaphor? If so -- it illustrates complete, and total fiscal irresponsibility on city councils part, and signifies a desperate need for some kind of "Real-Estate for Dummies" course.


correct on all accounts - especially the water park remark.

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