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January 12, 2012


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You are not talking about the big dog who was told in a meeting,with his staff there,about the problems and does not remember being there or being given the information?
It will not matter David most in El Paso approve of and like the corruption and will support those who helped the corruption along or turn a blind eye as long as they do not show up in indictments or is being carried to jail by the FBI.:0)
Corruption is King in El Paso!;0)

I don't really see any facts here to assume any big dog has done anything wrong...while EP has less competition in most areas, one area it has plenty of is competitive politicians, competition fuels dirt diggers and rats etc...and as long as these issues have been in the public, I doubt any big dog, not already named or initialed is in any real trouble.

Not anymore than Bain type stories slants etc anyways.

You rewriting a Times story because you have nothing original to offer.

If I have nothing to offer then you should go find somewhere else to entertain yourself, no?

Nobody forces you to read this.

Besides I haven't seen the times cover this yet, so you must be able to see into the future!

Would it happen to be a previous sitting Judge who refer every child case to LKG and Alivane? Whose wife tragically killed herself while his staff member miraculously was carrying his child?

Such bad karma eventually found himself without a bench...but at the loss of so many under priviledge children who never reaped the benefits of what the grant money was initially intended for?

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this Ex-Judicio will be named next when the case is "unsealed."

Touchy are we.

Not touchy, just reminding everyone that they have a choice when using the Internet

I have a pancho villa shirt ese...

Maybe if I would have worn it while campaigning I would have gotten more votes!! Haha :) Keep writing man!

I don't think Pancho Villa was a cool dude. He is somebody from the past who has been glorified one way or another as a hero or a villian. Us Mexicans are always looking for a hero. Hell, when I was a kid I thought Fonzie was a Chicano. Big Dogs and politics are overrated like everything else the media graps. Look at Tebow, oops....Hey maybe it's time for a change in name plate at the Rayburn Building, but that's about it....

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