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January 09, 2012


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Absolutely correct!! My favorite line is the "if a kick in the ass was free people would line up for that".... you are so right.

Maybe Beto should blame the Postal Service on Reyes too.

The current hoopla over the wait times isn't about how long it takes..they are laying the ground work for adding a toll for crossing the bridge.
Those Mexican shoppers will still come either way, but it's easier to sell to the public if they look like they are trying to do something about it before the "last resort" of adding the toll inevitably occurs.

Great points David K. Thanks for pointing them out!

I am not sure the Times or Beto's Camp have forgot that fact eg my understanding is the way politics work is if fed issue, then contact local Congressman then he leans etc [if they want] and or passes it up the pipe...I don't see nothing new or forgotten here, its always been that way.

I think the treaty is important but I think it may have already been broken re 25 miles of border part of Treaty.

When you sit in office long enough you become responsible for a lot of things just because you have been in office a long time.

What are the benchmarks for an effective federal politician? I suppose a voting record is a good place to start.

So I'd like to learn about Reyes' voting record over the years versus what he has not done for the bridges?

The bridges suck like LA traffic. Vehicle congestion on the bridges is like airport security during Thanksgiving. That's just the way it is and your wait time just depends on what time you get there....

Beto has to be aggressive and look for vulnerable places where he can move Reyes and tip him over. Reyes is like a big toad on a rock and he's been sitting on it for a long time. Beto is the lean green grasshopper trying to figure out how to move the toad off the rock and claim it as his own. It's proving not to be easy, but there's a chance.

There's two things that win elections. Money and votes, not bridge wait times.So let's not waste our time so much on this perpetual problem. I'd rather like to know how Beto's voting in congress will be different than Reyes'.

Beto I want to know why I should vote for YOU? The bridge is the bridge and maybe you can help to do more than Reyes. But today I'm more concerned about your presence in DC and how voting for you will not only make a difference for EP but for America.

In the meantime, anyone know anything about this Roen guy... I'd probably cry if we get a decent Republican to run for anything. He might not be able to defeat the straight ticket voters, but at least we'd feel like we gave it the old college try.

You're right. Reyes isn't to blame for anything. Why? Because not only has he done nothing, but he doesn't bother to show up to work, either. 95% of the Congress has a better attendance record at voting time than Reyes does.

The City Council has been talking about bridge wait times for years. Why should they stop now? Because it hurts Reyes's feelings?

From my personal experience, the wait at the Paso del Norte Point of Entry is long, too. Much of it is seasonal. Before Christmas, I took my daughter to the airport in Juarez, and she was in Mexico City before I had cleared customs. Two weeks before that, I waited in the bicycle lane at the Paso del Norte bridge for an hour and a half.
Currently, bridge wait times are down because UTEP is not in session, and the students are all crossing at the same time.
Also, I think that ICE is trying to induce us to all get SENTRI cards, so they make us wait a little longer. (I'm extrapolating from past experience. During the transition period, a passport seemed to get you through customs faster.) The other thing that gripes me is that they built 10 lanes at the Paso del Norte bridge and only four or five of them are regularly open, and one is dedicated to SENTRI and the other is for buses.

Oh yeah, and the free bridge is free both ways. And the bridge tolls accrue to the country you're leaving, so it's not like Mexico is letting you in for free. It's that the U.S. isn't charging to leave.


good insight - somewhere in there I see a joke about "getting you coming and going."

I have received a bunch of emails with the SENTRI theme you talk about here.

Got a wild hair and called over over to the congressional liason's office at the BP - they had no idea what I was talking about...

Here is the deal. If the wait times were a real problem the CEO's of the multinational firms would be talking to the real decision makers and the problem would be corrected. Problem is our lobbyists are talking to the wrong people. But that's ok since its only your tax dollars asleep at the wheel. Guess certain pot heads are upset that their drugs are taking so long to get across the border.

One thing is for sure. Good old Beto has learned a few new words he refused to acknowledge while on council. Those words are Veteran, Veteran Health Care. New words for him but for him they hold no meaning except that if he says them a few times he is hopping to garner a few votes.

Beto= bookend

The bridges have gotten worse since 9-11. Its become even worse since the Drug war started. Doesn't have shit to do with Reyes. Bayto and the rest of council dont have a clue. It was bad 25 Years ago too. Government Entities have never really done a good job at running anything efficiently(9-5ers). Look at the Postal service as an example. Why isn't Bayto blaming Reyes with the Postal service too ?

awesome... give unto Cesar that which is Cesar's!

P.S., Do you and Jaime dream about Norma at night too? just curious (it makes for good entertainment, though).

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