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January 31, 2012


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Too funny. No matter what though - I'm not going to read Norma's blog. Haven't done it yet and don't plan to.

Free advice for Norma Chavez, you are kind. Now I'm pissed that you never wrote about my blog http://evanstonnewbie.blogspot.com/ which I started on a warm day in June and promised to keep alive for only one year.

sorry wrong post

I like Norma's, DavidK and JA blogs, I read them all.

But as far as the blogasphere in general I think the google panda thing is working against bloggers. SEO is a big war mostly for cash. Panda was mostly a attempt to flush google of all the crap out there. Politics included.

As Jaime has said before, she's struggling to stay relevant. She also wants to try to be "good Norma" who plugs the local music and art scene (and the poor locals she plugs are humiliated, btw), but "angry" (and probably mentally ill) Norma takes over the keyboards in the middle of the night. I think I have gone from laughing to feeling sorry for her. She really is a pathetic person.

Lisa - I'm sorry. I will totally pimp the blog as the first post tomorrow - my bad.

Speaking of butts, check out this funny parody. http://youtu.be/4KE4K6VQnvo

Is this the same Sylvia Borunda Firth who's sister is engaged to Presi Ortega.
Guess that Housing contract is coming back!

It's disgusting to learn what a bloated hypocrite Norma "Ms. Piggy with a tan" Chavez truly is. She mentions that she would like to see more local bloggers and then calls Jaime and David names like 'Criminal Blogger' and 'WASM'. It's because she wants more people blogging UNLESS they damage her bloated ego buy saying unkind things about her. Ms. Piggy truly has some insecurity "issues" that she needs to deal with. BTW - I thought Criminal Blogger and WASM were the villians in the next Batman movie.

Or how about the fact that she helped play a role in stopping the feds from distibuting inspection stickers instead of the local 'ma and pa' operations during the early '90s? I mean, Ms. Piggy loves "Mr. Federal-rules-over-the-states, fascist" that's occupying the White House, BUT if it effects her wallet (or her parents' wallet) then and only then are the feds over-stepping there bounds. If her parents never owned a gas station, do you really think she would give a rat's ass about the feds distributing inspection stickers?

Ms. Piggy is truly a bloated, souless, hypocrite.

WAYtooSMARTforTHIScrowd - You fault Norma for name calling yet your post is full of name calling? You are a hypocrite and way to dumb for this crowd.


The point that I was OBVIOUSLY making was not that she was calling Jaime and David names, but rather that the reason she gave those two fake names is because she doesn't want people going to their blogs. Given the fact that she goes to those blogs, and tells everyone that she wishes there were more local bloggers, but then won't disclose Jaime's or David's blogs is the hypocracy that I'm criticizing.

The reason that she won't mention their blogs is only because negative things are said about her, and her fragile ego can't take it. Poor little baby. BTW - is this Ms. Piggy? Hey Ms. Piggy, I'm waving at the computer screen as an attempt at being friendly. (:-D)

No, I am not Norma nor a fan of hers. Just pointing out how ridiculous your own hypocrisy is....and you can't even see it.

Dear delusional dumbass, Either show us which line that says that I 'fault' Ms. Piggy for name calling or do yourself a favor and get some much-needed psychiatric help for your delusions. BTW - Why did ignore the lenghty explanation that I gave to your ridiculous assertion? I have an even better question: Why do stupid animals such as yourself usually do the most breeding?

Sorry if you are too stupid to follow logic. You are an immature name caller who attacks others for....name calling. Your "explanation" does not negate this fact. Thanks for continuing to prove my points each time you post.

Don't worry folks, I'm now too bored with e-jousting with this retarded monkey any longer. Otherwise I would ask the retarded monkey why she still doesn't have the honesty or intelligence to answer my question. Or I could point out the hypocracy the retarded monkey is making by insinuating that if she's so "bothered" by my insults, then why does she insult me? I mean, you could show the error of my ways without being insulting and yet all you do is insult without making a coherent/rational/intelligent point to back it up. I'm very bombastic, the difference is is that I back it up. But like I said, I'm done dealing with the retarded monkey. Congrats to the Giants for slaying Goliath.

Again, thanks for proving my point. Your questions are answered in my posts. You seem to lack reading comprehension skills and you also obviously don't know the meaning of words you use, like hypocrisy. I am not insulting you, just pointing out facts that are backed up in your own posts. Have a good evening.

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