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January 20, 2012


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JA puts a lot of time in lionstarblog, it is constantly full of insider politics coming from a Chicano, his blog is very pro-establishment versus anti-establishment, its not about 'Fight the Power! but more maintaining power for connected insiders and the status quo, his constant 'all things government fuels 'big government' not change or Revolution, one needs a healthy despise and mistrust of government.


Excuse me David? Norma WHO?? is the name alone supposed to mean something to El Paso? The last time I remember a Norma was this over weight woman carrying a plate of food wearing chanclas and walking to her car, while being totally rude to Darren Hunt...I still cant get that image out of my mind it was so CHICANA all she needed was a large sarape and a rolled up turban on her head.

Yeah, I have to admit that I checked out Norma "Ms. Piggy with a tan" Chavez's blog and it was what I expected it to be. Is anyone surpized that Ms. Piggy is an active member of a group that she's not even sure exists? Or how about the fact that she contradicts herself by saying that she doesn't mind being criticized and in the next sentence tells us "to knock it off?" That woman is truly dumber than a bus full of dumb people.

I always knew that Ms. Piggy had a racial chip on her shoulder but I didn't know until recently that it is the size of all three of her stomachs. And why does she keep mentioning something about 'housekeeping?' If she wants to be a housekeeper she can simply bring her hoofs on over to my apartment and clean up this mess. But if I notice any bottles of malt liquor missing or even suspect that there's one less chip in my bag of Doritos, so help me God, I just might momentarily forget that I'm a gentleman!

Actually I thought Norma's reference to the "Veronicuns" was pretty funny. However, it would have been much funnier had she termed it the "Veronicunts". I think that is a much better description of Veronica, Suzie, Steve, and Bayto.

Justa, yeah 'veronicunts' is some real comedy - if you're Beevis or Butthead.

Or just a small penised moron who lives in his mom's basement whacking off to Norma's witty witty blog posts.

I just read her blog. Pretty pathetic. She needs some therapy.

Norma's Blog is no more pathetic than this one, Strelz's, or the Deadbeat's. Really, Brownfield was the best because he doesn't have any political ties or connections.

so why do you even bother reading this blog and the others? don't waste your time.

I like a good laugh everyday ! It's good for my health.

Norma's facebook posts and blog are no different than anything else she says or writes. She has always been very outspoken and doesn't care what people think about that. However, I do think she should be mindful that everything she writes could come back to bite her in the a*ss when she runs for public office again. Glad I am not her campaign manager/advisor.

The great thing about her blog and facebook posts is that they have made her un-electable. And once the public finds out she's doing the Reyes campaign's dirty work for them, it'll make him un-electable, too.

Sort of like David has done, huh ? He received less votes than Ketner.

Hi Norma! Why don't you post under your own name - we're in the circle of trust here.

I am very happy that people know that Norma is out of politics and is helping Reyes out too!
Glad that you still have this blog David K. Keep on trucking.

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