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January 06, 2012


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This suit angle re state court is a little more interesting than the fed suit, i am not sure if it is even removable to fed court if the defendants wanted to re any 1st amendment defense...as on my first read it does not seem to rely heavy on any 'private defendants acting in concert with government actors theory'

it seems vague as to who the defendants made the alleged comments to other than 'law enforcement and *others*' re Notice and proper plead suits.

and my understanding is any thing told to law enforcement is privileged, untrue or not, of course police are free to file any filing a false police report but such a charge is rarely charged or prosecuted re nuisance type calls to check something out etc.

false police reports are mostly prosecuted re divorce and insurance type stuff.

Sounds like an attempt to suppress free speech.

Kudos for the bar owners...I have frequented both the Three Legged Monkey and the other club when it was opened and there were never any problems. The type of behavior that the bar patrons exhibit when they exit the bar and go to their cars is the same type of BS that all other neighborhoods have experienced.

Ask the block behind the Lee Trevino Shopping Center where patrons park behind the building or the homes off of Cinci...difference is they are not from old established money that feels the need to dictate who makes nosie in their backyard.

Good thing the Mayor and the majority of Council are so easy to buy off and help out when requests are made that are more in line of their way of thinking, then the general way things are as a whole.

Keep suing sooner or later the Fred Loya "stop the music" mentallity will go broke and move...

Just a warning to the Neighborhood Association folks.... the media interviews you gave do still exist and are available, so don't try to minimize them or pretend they didn't happen.

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