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February 01, 2012


Get ready for some huge traffic David K, I wrote about you writing about me, "Blog on Blog Love"

Nevermind about Lisa. She's probably too busy just trying to survive up there in the Soviet Republic of Illinois. I mean, you think E.P. politics is corrupt? They're even more greedy, selfish, and oppresive than your typical democrat, and that's saying something. But what I'm really wondering about is is why hasn't Norma "Ms. Piggy with a tan" Chavez blogged on her site in over a week? Ms. Piggy did a good job of making a delusional ass when she did battle with me a few days ago, but now it's time to go back to making a delusional ass of yourself on your own blog, Ms. Piggy.

And don't let David trick you into writing about things that are "important" to us locals. You go right ahead and type about topics that you feel that are worthy, like: How well the Diablos will do this year. Or, how pretty it is when the sun sets over the mountains. I'm sure that you'll get a lot more hits on your site. David is just jealous because he wasn't smart enough to put a giant cartoon picture of a spider on his blog, or post a dictionary definition of a word. I think I may speak for everyone when I say that you just don't see that level of intelligence in the blogosphere!

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