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May 15, 2013


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Norma was one of hundreds of people who showed up to Oscar's victory/election night party. It was an open house... everyone was invited. He talked to her just like he talked to everyone else there. She has not been a supporter or involved in his campaign in any way. She was and still is the "Anyone but Steve" people.... so now that means Oscar.

Ah, I just saw the pic. It's not the one taken by the El Paso Times. No matter. I have personal knowledge that Norma has not been and is till not involved in Oscar's campaign. He doesn't need her. He listens to everyone and allows photos to be taken with anyone who wants one.

Perception is reality - regardless of what the campaign says. A picture is worth a thousand words (now two pictures).

I think you are making too big of a deal out of this. There are hundreds of photos of Oscar with people all over the city from all walks of life. I think you give Norma much more power than she actually has. Moving on....

So Wardy lost the runoff because "literally thousands" of his voters the first time around didn't vote in the runoff? Evidence? Wardy got 20,017 votes in the runoff vs. 18,281 the first round. Cook won in large part because he coalesced the anti-incumbent votes from the first round AND expanded the voter universe in the runoff. There were 41,105 votes cast in the runoff vs. 40,423 in the first round. That's how Cook one and why it will be almost impossible for Ortega to do so. The anti-incumbent vote will almost certainly coalesce around Leeser, and Ortega would probably have to expand the voter universe by 20,000 in the runoff to offset that. And he's not going to expand the voter universe by yelling "Norma, Norma, Norma."

"How Cook WON" ... duh.

The political repudiation of Ortega makes me think there might be hope for El Paso to wrest its front-line government away from the back-room shadow government into which Wilson, Ortega, Niland and Byrd have led it.

Well since the westside had the biggest voter turnout they are also the ones that leave town ASAP after school is out and just might forget to early vote or vote on election day. Let's see. Might have been what happened to Wardy too (other than the nasty little dirty tricks the Cook camp played). And then there is the "hispanic name" voter - you never know if they will come out.

"rotten to the core", you have no proof of your slanderous remarks so take your pepper and cork it.

Ortega will be beaten badly. It will be historic and ugly even for a west Texas town. The bards will sing about it for decades. Nothing can help him now. He's just waiting for the executioner to throw the switch.

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