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May 24, 2013


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You have got to give up this unhealthy fascination of Norma.


Norma is the one who needs to give up her unhealthy fascination of trying to be in power. If Oscar wins, Norma is going to call in all sorts of favors for and her lot which do harm to El Paso: STA, Caballero, Fernando Parra, etc.

Norma is a phat a$$ balero looking for slander gig opps when she knows better. She'll say anything, even when she knows its a lie. She just posted that the same Hunts building the stadium own the team? .... She knows better than that... But she can't be trusted because she's a perra mentirosa!!

damn dave stop this already. you are giving norma too much credit here and losing yours along the way...if oscar ends up losing is it going to be because of norma?

More false info from you. She has never claimed to be his campaign manager. His campaign manager is no secret and she is not Norma. Norma is just a supporter.


You know who could clear this up? Leeser's campaign.


I have no credit - nothing to lose and none to gain. I'm a simple blogger, not the news media. I'm sorry the truth angers you. Maybe you ought to take up the matter with your candidate instead of me.

That phat a$$ balero is now acting like she really doesn't know that that Hunts building the park are different than the Hunts who own the team....how convenient... Play estoooopido So you can keep your slander going. Makes you a doble perro mdntirosa

the truth does not anger me. if im wrong i can accept that. i just have not seen anything official regarding norma's position with oscar's campaign. that alone has induced me to sound off here but i guess we'll see and if im wrong im wrong im just not believing it....and you do have credibility as a blogger dont be so humble. you know whats up...

Sorry Dave its gotten to the point where you wouldn't know the truth if it kicked you in your back side.

What no comment on the additional $10,000,000.00 that they want for the ballpark and the statement that they won't know what the cost will be until about a month from now.

I wouldn't know Norma if she sat next to me at a bar. But she didn't do a $100MM+ deal with CC and the Witch in the PDNG back room and she didn't steal my right to vote yes or no on it. So she is not the enemy that DK makes her to be (and I,too, want Leeser to win, if only to repudiate pricks like Ortega).

Hasn't your Norma Chavez infatuation gone on long enough? You seem to be pushing the idea of Norma playing a role in his campaign and seem to be alluding that they're involved or something. One has to wonder if you have ulterior motives.

Anyone can just start a blog and make things up from pictures on Facebook. If that's the case why haven't you mentioned Steve and his outings in Austin with Veronica? Those are well known to the Austin set. How many steak houses have they debauched already?


Yes, I just put up this blog to make up a Norma story and added nearly 2,000 backdated posts to make it seem legit.

Rotten Peppers,

you'd know norma - you keep thinking you are anonymous, but pretty much everyone knows exactly who you are. It's kind of funny that you pretend that nobody does. I'll keep playing along and it will be our little secret.

Joyce wilson didn't make a deal with PDNG - they made it with council. Council voted, not wilson - she didn't take your vote away. Again, you don't seem to know what each part in the machine does. I pity the fact that you don't know who to be angry at because you're not smart enough to know what is going on.

Rocking the boat,

they are called contingency funds are standard on projects this size - especially since the scope of work is being broadened for the general contractor. It's not an increase until the money is actually spent and it may not actually be spent.

Read and comprehend - then speak.

Ouch! DavidK got the pro Leeser crowd pissed. My, my they can't seem to take criticism very well. One can only imagine how much Leeser will pout and pull his advertising from any media that dares to disagree with him.

"...Joyce wilson didn't make a deal with PDNG - they made it with council. Council voted, not wilson - she didn't take your vote away..."

Are we looking at the same June 2012 CC meeting? A complex, negotiated deal package that transferred $100MM+ of taxpayer assets and funds to the exclusive use of a private business entity was enacted, not negotiated in CC. The TORA email trail shows a compliant, friendly JW downloading terms and language to CC for the enactment. It does not show a give-and-take of negotiation over deal terms for the taxpayers' benefit. So if JW was acting on behalf of CC who told her to shut up and take what was offered?

Where was the negotiation? With whom, except JW? Where were the public hearings. At the El Paso Club? I thought that city major business was to be done in a public forum? The city holds a public comment hearing several times to build simple roundabout, but not for the largest giveaway in city history.

"Oh, you don't understand; this had to be kept secret so that another city wouldn't grab the loser AAA team from Tucson." Do you remember the riots in Tucson over losing their team to El Paso? The bidding war with Vancouver? I don't either.

Subsequently, the EPTimes building "just happened" to be available for purchase by the city at effectively list price. The presstitutes got what they wanted and played ball in return.

Perhaps you can understand why some people here are skeptical of the official line, given El Paso' ongoing tragedy of public officials on the take? As Rep. Holguin correctly stated this week, the stadium is built on a mountain (star) of lies.

Some of us want that "mountain star of lies" exposed so we can repudiate the stadium deal and the bonds if investors are dumb enough to buy them. I suppose the next infamnia will be the police pension fund buying them so as to say to taxpayers, "Go ahead and repudiate; you'll still pay for the goddam stadium, just like you got it it no matter how you voted."

We also want this exposed before the $473MM feeding frenzy begins for the QoL projects: who gets the contracts and under what terms; competitive bid: whose property is acquired at their price (ala' EP Times); how does the siting of projects benefit Fosterwood and their Vampire Squid (Borderplex) cronies?

Inquiring, honest minds demand answers and will not accept the corporate mindfuck coming out of City Hall and JW.

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