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May 16, 2013


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She is NOT a consultant and NOT invited to work on the campaign. Everyone who LIKES his facebook page gets the invites to all walks and other events. She took it upon herself to then start promoting it on her page and invite people to it. Anyone who is invited can invite anyone else. Is he supposed to let anyone do this but her? How can he do that without being a rude ass. She is just a citizen, voter and now a supporter like everyone else. I am on the "inside" and I can tell you for sure she is not a consultant and not with the campaign at all, just a sudden supporter as of Saturday night when he became the clear front runner.

You forgot:

3. Norma is full of shit and has a huge ego.

So Leeser's FB needs to "unfriend" her and so should all his supporters. But that is not going to happen. Maybe she secretly wants Ortega to win and is a spy!!!

Well thanks for making my descision easier Norma....I voted for Leeser first time around, now switching back to Ortega...hes smarter anyway.

Norma = Kiss of Death

Sam Morgan needs to publish the picture of Robinson kissing her on the mouth (http://mng-elpaso.smugmug.com/photos/i-8nDbLCm/0/L/i-8nDbLCm-L.jpg) and he will win by a landslide.

You are giving Norma too much credit. She is a hasbeen and lost her mojo 5 years ago while still in Austin. Using her to bring down Oscar is clearly the strategy here. If El Paso continues to be so stupid and buy into this crap, then you continue to get the same results over and over again by being an ignorant electorate community. Norma is just an empty glass of wine after dinner......Come on David don't use your hate of Norma to foil Oscar's bid....I know you are smarter than that....


maybe Oscar Leeser should clarify what role Norma is playing in his campaign. As of right now it seems she's on the payroll. I'm all for Leeser, but not if Norma is involved. Not if the anti-ballpark crowd is involved. Not if the ankle-biters are his base.

His base is nearly 50% of the voters so no single group is behind him. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Norma is NOT on the payroll, NOT a consultant and NOT involved in his campaign in any way. She was not even a supporter until after the numbers came in on election night and he was the clear winner.

I am comforted that you are OK with Oscar being the mayor. Now I can go back to sleep. God bless you David K.

Oscar is 50% of the 13% that voted. That is not saying much. Turnout was dismal and again our next mayor will be elected with less than 20% of the registered voters. Nothing to brag about - even if you are the winner.

Dear WCWW,
I don't think voter turnout is the issue. I think the remarkable thing about this election is that the downtown Borderplex group chose a candidate that actually made a car dealer look attractive. I thought rich people were supposed to be smarter than that. All I know is this. If only 5 people show up to vote, 4 of them are going to hate Steve Ortega.

"...the downtown Borderplex group chose a candidate that actually made a car dealer look attractive."

OMG, LMFAO. I can't imagine a better one-sentence synopsis of this Mexican soap opera, unless maybe Fosterwood swooped in and paid off Cook's legal debt just to say to the world, "He gave us what we wanted: no veto of our $100MM+ corporate welfare program."

Isn't that special that voters vote against someone not for someone. So if Leeser wins its not because he is for something - it's because the voters are against Ortega. So what did the voters accomplish? More of the same old tired politician that voters always say they hate. Certainly not a mandate for Oscar.

Here's an interesting tidbit. On her radio show yesterday, Norma Chavez tried to make it sound like she's actually not his secret consultant (which is an acknowledgement that she herself knows she's toxic). THEN she spent much of her time talking about Leeser (his forehead wrinkles and how they show he's wise, his mother, etc.). THEN when Jaime Perez wanted to talk about his campaign team she said something like, "Oh, yes, but I can't talk about that right now, but I WILL."

That poor woman just can't help herself. Bujanda (who is the hired gun for Leeser) and Norma Chavez are buddies. Of course she's helping him. That was the point of her show, and that's the point of her working for 3 Legged Monkey Guy.

David K is right - it's either bad judgment on Leeser's part or it's that he has no balls to stand up to her. Either one is bad. And this is the guy who will be our next mayor.

Rotten Peppers, daddy lost. Get over it.

Leeser is surrounding himself with the wrong people. Word is out that his campaign is sending political campaign messages to city employees using their work e-mail addresses. This is a big no-no.

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