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May 22, 2013


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"And I'll tell you one thing - three thousand employees moved from one place to another and not single thing was noticed by the public. All the services kept running like clockwork and I haven't heard on complaint."

David; it just happened and your "inside sources" are not sufficiently high up the food chain in Wilson's jockstrap to see the difference. Why don't you do a TORA to the city's budget director for the recent emails directing departments to cut their 2013 council-approved budgets?

The cost of the stadium boondoggle is only now beginning to be felt and JW is demanding massive cuts from departments' 2013 budgets and hiring freezes for filling their vacant positions. Some departments are at 2009 staffing levels; so much for public service.

In part this is because they did not count the real cost of all the building acquisitions, Luther remodel, etc. In part it is because JW and the CC that did this to us wants to burden their successors with the necessity of a property tax increase and not point to FosterWood or themselves as the reason. It's all ego and suck-up.

As for impact on services, well look around. Do you really believe these people give a shit about the sappy taxpayers who pay their salaries?

Lets ask Oscar to demand a forensic audit on the 3-year cover up of the stadium deal in City Hall before it was dropped on us as a you-don't-get-to vote yes-or-no coup d'├ętat last June. Then see how much you admire the Witch of the 10th and her CFO consort.

Come on David Joyce is a big girl and fully knows all of the poltics surrounding her job. After all she is the cause of many problems. As to her raise she should be lucky to have her job. Had an employee made remarks they would have been fired.

Rotten Peppers - You're not very smart, are you? I mean I know who you are and I was under the impression you were pretty intelligent. I have seen the budget cut emails and they do not pertain to city hall/ball park - they can't. They are doing preliminary planning for having to pay out the police and fire pension shortfall. They have alerted everyone as to why. It's not a secret. You should be happy that she is following council's orders to keep from having to raise taxes to fix police and fire. You should be happy about that.

The budgeting and numbers on building acquisitions are public record - stop pretending they aren't. You invent all you want, but you're not going to get anywhere.

Rocking the boat,

Name one problem she has caused. I need one single problem.

Just like the county and EPISD the city has to cut expenses to return the tax money Western Refining paid while their appeal of the CAD valuation went through the courts. I don't know the exact number but the county has to pay back $1.6 million and I assume its that much or more for the city. It has to be paid back in the current budget year. So Rotten Peppers get your head out of your posterior and catch up with current events.

Sorry but accounting for Western Refining was already done. Your tax rate was raised 1 penny in the last budget session.

David where do you want to start. How about our debt. That bomb is about to go off.

Rocking the boat,

the voters approved the debt - moron. Council approved the debt - moron.

Tell me where Joyce Wilson comes in?

And "Tired of Rotten Peppers" is correct - they budgeted Foster's money and he won his court case - they have to pay him back NOW. And this means cutting budgets.

As I said in my previous post the city added 1 cent per $100 of valuation in the last budget session just in case the CAD lost its case with WNR. That one penny generates appx. 3.3 million dollars in revenue. That leaves the city an extra 1.7 million dollars after they pay WNR back. They need it it as they have "again" over estimated revenue thereby causing shortfalls in the budget. This has been a problem the last 3 budget sessons and this year they plan on assuming that they recieve only about 98% of expected revenue.

Then the debt load will double again if they go through with all of the bonds authorized so far. Then add in that balloon payment that will be financed and that alone will add 3 cents per $100 over 30 years more if over 20 years.

The pension fix is adding another $4,000,000 from the general fund during the budget session on top of the 18.5% of payroll that we currently pay. That doesn't fix anything. New rules take effect @ 12am 15 June 2013. The new rules will push the unfunded liability up another 50-70 million dollars for the Police Pension alone. The new rules will push the expected return to the level of a AA 20 year muni bond. That's a good 4% less than they use now. The City simply does not have enough bonding capacity to fix the problem of these to problem pension funds and the taxpayer is not going to agree to have their taxes raised and services cut to keep these funds afloat. That's why they, the pension board, went to the state in hopes of having the city add additional money during its budget session and avoid a vote as required by the City Charter.

When you call people names then you have lost the argument.

Rocking the boat: again - current city council members are to blame for any explosion of debt/bankruptcy in El Paso. They voted on the budget, they voted to add $500M in QOL projects and the voters approved that $500M. So - it isn't city staff's fault that the city council voted to go into more debt. They gave them the info - the council voted.

As far as police/fire pension. Screw 'em. If council had any balls they would vote no to fixing their pension. After all - we got 50 years before it becomes a problem. Let's kick the can down the road - just like they do in Congress. That attitude got a less than smart person re-elected as President. Tells me the voters in the US don't give a damn about debt. Maybe 1% of the voter population does. Party on! Let the next generations suffer!!!

Rocking the boat,

You are still a moron and your math is speculative at best and based on revenue shortfalls that don't exist. You just wasted everyone's time with is known in the industry as a "hypothetical." We don't deal in hypotheticals when cold hard numbers are available.

You still haven't showed where your hypothetical problem is Joyce Wilson's fault. She does not vote on the budget and she didn't approve the bonds. Both council and the public accepted the coming tax increases by public vote. Nothing you claim has anything to do with Joyce Wilson.

When you are stupid, you lose arguments.

She has not presented any plan to deal with the problem and tim is short. Also the ball park is going to cost another 10 million more after she said 50 million was the total price tag. So where do you think the money to pay for that will come from.

$10MM here, $10MM there and pretty soon we're talking serious money. No, the Fosterwood blood funnel wants this voted on by the CC that is on their payroll before a new CC and mayor are seated. They've already ceded the election to Leeser and are willing to throw Stole-Ur-Vote Steve to the dogs where he would not be elected dog catcher with this on his political record.

This is so interesting and I think the extra $10MM is just a down payment on our eventual stadium bankruptcy.

1. The budget cuts are necessary because of CAD's screwup with Western Refinery. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. The bonds are a totally different issue. Get educated.

3. Rotten Peppers should jump into the trash can and rocking the boat should fall off the vote.

4. The increase in the stadium price remains to be seen. However, I know Alan Shubert and he is a good man that wants to do the best for El Paso.

Alan Shubert is a kiss-ass!! His days are numbered!

Really, "toiletflash"? Have you ever met the guy? He is professional beyond belief and puts up with a lot of BS. He loves his job.

Rocking the boat,

The city manager can not spend her time coming up with solutions to problems invented by anonymous people on the internet. I don't think you understand how her job works.

You have proven yourself quite ignorant to how all of this works and who is the responsible person for fixing it (council). You are typical of the anti-joyce wilson anti-ballpark crowd - stupid with a case of the false facts.

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