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May 13, 2013


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1. Last night on KVIA extra, Leeser said he would have voted "no" on the ballpark had he been on council.

2. Joyce Wilson has already snuggled up to Leeser. She's been lunching with Wardy in preparation for Leeser and you're right. She's not going anywhere. Leeser is keeping her and keeping her close.

3. Doctors don't vote.

4. This absolutely was an anti-ballpark referendum.

I agree this was a ball park referendum, but not to repudiate the deal. It was a referendum on the cronyism and backroom way the deal was done, ramming it down our throats without public commentary and the "you-get-it-no-matter-how-you-vote." Wilson is at the center of that process and she is in trouble with Leeser and how the CC tilts. Ortega is history and couldn't run for dog catcher for the rest of his life here.

I think you are wrong on this one, David.

Well of course he said that last night but he did not say that prior to May 12th at 10:35 p.m. Do you think he was pandering? You bet. Doctors do vote and there must have been 75-100 of them at the county commissioner meeting when they passed the CO's for the UMC clinics. JW has probably talked to Leeser a lot over the last 8 years. So what?

As Joe Wardy pointed out in his letter to the editor, read the Charter people- it is the governing document and outlines the powers of council and of the city manager. It is not rocket science but the "crazies" in this town are too stupid to understand it.

If this was a ballpark referendum in any way, the anti ballpark candidate would have won. It wasn't and that candidate didn't win. You can invent any scenario you want to make yourself feel better, but the facts and reality won't agree with you.

No Leeser can say anything about what he would have done had he been on council - which is pandering. It doesn't hurt him at this point to take all sides of every issue.

My goodness, David K; I used to like some of your stuff but your writing lately seems like amateur hour.

Too much "my mom this" "my mom that". Rumors and innuendo. How about some facts and research. Your forum is starting to sound like a knitting circle.

There absolutely was disgust with Ortega. It wasn't JUST the ballpark but rather, the totality of Shapleigh Inc. The same thing happened with EPISD. People get pissed and they VOTE!

Technically speaking Robinson won, the run-off is policy. As you said, you have to recognize other factors, like the possibility that Morgan is a good candidate, and he did a good campaign, and he was able to bring out voters that do not typically vote, or actually attrack Pro-Ballpark voters. Moreover, the ball-park is only one rubric under which Robinson would be scrutinized.

Your "no-referendum" thesis is not very strong.

BTW, on the tv show Ortega started to sound like Hugo Chavez from Venezuela. Pushing his ideas as the absolute truth shows and that people that do not share them are backwards or dum are red indicators for depotism.


It is amateur hour, dumbass - do you think I get paid to do this?

Don't want to join my knitting circle and hear about my mom? Then don't type in the address to this blog. If you aren't smart enough to figure that out, then you must fit in with El Paso well.

Leesor won 164 of 167 precincts. Ortega only won 4 downtown precincts. Being from the westside wan't a factor.

(see map)


You are confused on how they count the votes. This isn't the electoral college. The numerical value of total votes is what counts and the west side (again) delivered them. You need to look at total votes per precinct. There's a reason city and county wide candidates spend all Election Day on the west side.

This lesson is free - the next one I charge you for.

Remember Steve's broom? Oscar was pissed because Joe was suppose to win but once the story on Cushing broke about killing the dog and beating the girlfriend 40 years ago, Joe and his slate were done. You can thank Eliot for that and a lot of the Wardy's base have not forgotten. Steve's broom became a crane that knocked down City Hall and the investors used him and I'm sure Eliot warned him because Eliot thinks like the investors think except he's the local guy who taps into the old money to fight against the new money.So Steve got played and Oscar played his cards right with the Sun Bowl deal and worked it since 2005. Joyce will leave in 2014 as she plans on her own terms. People hated such a strong controlling woman running the City but remember Joe brought her to the dance to do what the investors wanted that was the game plan all along. Her job was to win Steve and Co. over and she did. The investors knew and know that their return would not come easy with Cook having such a big heart. They saw that as a weakness but used downtown as the anchor bait to keep pushing along. Steve needs to pack up and start teaching. He's a good man he just got sucked up in the politics. He might make a comeback in another election but he should step away gracefully. He can hang his hat on a few positve changes for the City but overall at this point it's over. Find out who Mike Dipp voted for and that will tell you how Oscar will be recieved. The Lebonese Mafia is a real force in El Paso and now Eliot is going to have to make the next move......

"Joe brought her to the dance to do what the investors wanted that was the game plan all along."

Please elaborate?

JW was not happy working for Joe, a strong executive-type mayor. Her whole mood changed with Cook who was OK letting her run the city and consolidate her own power. Now there needs to be some rebalancing between the CM and mayor/council. Maybe Oscar will figure out how to do that with a CC not aligned with JW.

Rotten Peppers - I don't know where you get your info but it is completely false that JW was not happy working for Wardy. They only had 9 months of working together before he lost his seat. Actually if Wardy had won things would be so completely and totally different than they are now. Cook at best was a medicore mayor/manager of council and the city. I can only imagine what 8 years of Cook as a strong mayor would have brought us. He was not an effective leader and manager. So council took it upon themselves to lead (especially Beto for 6 years) and viturally ignored the mayor and set the agenda and JW implemented the agenda. Read the charter. The powers are spelled out of who does what.

You mentioned that Steve lives in Kern place. So does that mean he hasn't lived in his district for a while?

Fyi all anti-ballpark people (including your girlfriend Norma Chavez) were at Oscar Night (Leeser's election night party). I agree things will be different than they are now, but I think the dynamic will change. Should Tolbert, Chozet and Robinson win, there will be three progressives and three anti- progressive votes. Dr. Noe and Niland become swing votes. If Romero, Limon and Robinson win we will have a 5 person anti- progressive majority and Dr. Noe, Niland and Lilly get to be the new Eddie, Melina and Rachel gang. If your prediction is correct and Romero, Chozet and Robinson win, we have 4 anti-progressives, 2 progressives and Dr. Noe and Niland can swing it to either a 6-2 super majority or 4-4 tie making the Mayor split the vote.

The November election was great; but El Paso loses the people most responsible for shaping the package of how we wanted the money to be spent. These City elections will only determine how much of a blank check we've given to Eddie Holguin and Emma Acosta.
The support the politics of old so now El Paso has given blank checks to Eddie Holg Emma A

I understand Emma is now a card-carrying bitch at city hall. Complains about everything and everybody. Empowered because she has no opponent and super pissed that she didn't get to run for mayor. Wait one year after her re-election and then start the recall process. Bet you will find 2-3 worthy candidates to challenge her.

"...but El Paso loses the people most responsible for shaping the package of how we wanted the money to be spent...."

That's the point. They are "shaping" it according to the agenda of a shadow government and acting as front men for those behind-the-scenes players to assure that their agenda is implemented without the public's involvement.

I hope Leeser can change that, but only time will tell.

I guess our local shadow government is the same one Obama has. Since we vote 80% democrat/liberal/progressive in El Paso why is anyone surprised? El Paso only knows crooked politics because that's how they always vote and always will. What makes you think Leeser won't take care of his buddies? What screams honest person more than a car salesman? One up on the rung is lawyer. So we are bottom feeders of "trustworthy" occupations in this election.

If the Pope ran for Mayor someone in this comments section would find fault with him too.

The Pope is 76 and too old and out of touch:)

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