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May 09, 2013


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It's about time.

What accusations have been made (and captured on video)? I can say based on examining the dozens of emails between the MountainStar pimp brigade and JW that probably nothing strictly illegal occoured.

But what did occur is that JW and her bureauturds in City Hall did NOTHING to defend the interests of the tax payers. They basically took the deal terms as offered and downloaded it to the CC agenda for enactment. No one questioned that a $100MM+ subsidy to a private business was the best deal we could get.

So, maybe there were payoffs to JW and CC but you won't find them in the document trail that I have seen. And, given all that has transpired here with 30 public officials or so under indictment, can you blame anyone for suspecting that JW and CC are any different?

Rotten Peppers you’re an ignoramus, with all do respect.

Mott, you mean "due respect." Obviously an EPISD grad.

You'll do well in one of Fosterwood's hot dog jobs.

Rotten peppers = cunt muscle

rotten peppers: you remind me so much of a divorced woman that is so bitter about the divorce she just cannot let it go.....and has to remind everyone every day how much they hate their ex. Move on.

Very good comparison, Lslsls. Rotten to the Core is upset because they have the ridiculous idea that a ONE TERM mayor who did absolutely nothing for El Paso except cut a dirty deal on the now demolished city hall should be honored. And yes, this is a fact. The Times dug up the old information.

Bustos; read what I wrote (if you can read and aren't another EPISD grad). Not a word about previous mayors whom I don't even know.

The issue is the giveaway of $100MM+ to two bored billionaires and the lack of scrutiny and advocacy on our behalf by the turds we pay to do exactly that on our behalf, starting with the Witch.

Oh, please, rotten to the core, we all know how you are a pom-pom girl for Salazar and you hate everything about Wilson, the Fosters, the Hunts, anyone with more class than you. Oh wait! That's 98% of El Paso. You, Almond Joy, Poor Man with No Brain Walking, Ochoa the Planter's jar, etc. are the other 2%.

78 percent of the people didn't vote for Steve Ortega. This is a referendum on Ortega, Wilson, Foster, and Hunt. Don't shove things down the citizens throats and make them pay for it especially without a vote. Next time around Niland may learn a lesson too.

come to think about it. maybe wilson could hire steve to be her attorney since it looks like he will be out of job politically. with the way this election is going she may need a job down the road too.

Mott, Bustos, Lslsls:

Looks like your boy, Stole-Ur-Vote Steve, got his ass whipped. He may as well concede now because who is going to put money into a politico out-polled 2:1 by his opponent.

Your corporate welfare team on CC is headed for oblivion, except Susie who will probably pull some hair brained scheme to raise test scores at EPISD, like rigging the stoplights out of Juarez an hour before the TACs test.

Some people are like a bad penny and just keep turning up (I think of Larry Summers at the national level).

Rotten - it's the TAKS test, genius! You CLEARLY are an EPISD graduate!

Just wait til Oscar Leeser starts showing his true colors. Word on the street is that he already is showing how he will be treating the public. You'll find out soon enough! Just ask his employees.........

CV; I'm more interested in how Leeser treats the bureauturds in City Hall, starting with the Witch and her CFO consort, who have betrayed the people who paid their salaries.

Rotten Peppers - again? Stop posting on this blog. We all get it - you hate JW and anyone associated with her. You repeat your opinion, accusations over and over and over again. So - we understand - now go away.

I used to work for Oscar. Best thing that happened to me was when I stopped working for him. Good luck el pasoans. You will need it!

lslsls/Josh; take a whiff and a pill. Join Marcus and GTF outta here.

I have known Oscar for decades and he treats all people well, especially his employees. Low turnover rate and most of them were there last night to support him. Rotten is the only one here who knows what is going on. The rest of you are ignorant ass kissers. There is no truth to the BS about JW going after STA either. She has not done or said anything that is actionable. DK is so out of the loop.

You are an idiot, rotten to the core. Steve is not my boy. I voted for the less of all evils. And Will seems to be you or related to you. "NOT in da know," many of Leeser's employees have spoken against him. That is business. I kiss no ones ass. Will aka rotten still doesn't get it. Everything about the ballpark was explained. If you don't get it, too bad. Tired of your ignorance.

By the way, I am not a JW fan. She IS a smart woman and has done much for the city, but her ego is getting in her way. Pure ignorance about betraying the people who pay her salary. The amount you pay in taxes probably pays for 2 seconds of her salary. She saved this city in tough economic times. How quickly you nuts forget. I do not like to see people slandered, whether I like them or not. What I disagree with are people who want to eliminate a position because of the person that is in it. That is just plain stupid. If you want to start name calling, rotten to the core, I would duck if I were you. At least use your real name, chicken shit.

And this nonsense about the domestic partner benefits is plain ridiculous. Mayor did the right thing. If the vote of some people allowed for discrimination, the Blacks and Hispanics would still be riding at the back of the bus and drinking from different fountains. Of course you nuts are probably the ones who want this.

Many people have grounds to sue Almond Joy and her group. Probably not worth the time, effort, or money. She, like Caballero, will hang herself sooner or later.

Come on, Dave, you're just shaking the cage. I commend your taking up for your mother, but how about a little finesse?

Lenny - the same finesse that Troop Crazy Train has shown? While Steve Ortega and Joyce Wilson have been busy trying to drag the city out of the dark ages of Norma Chavez, Four Names, Sal Gomez, Othon Medina, Bill Addington, Jaime O. Perez, the Salazar Stupids, et al, the Crazies have been busy learning how to photoshop so they can masturbate to the funny, funny pictures they make of Ortega and Wilson.

Norma and her cabal have the mental capacity of a giggling roomful of fourth graders who have discovered the word 'penis' in the dictionary.

Finesse, indeed.

Corporate welfare to the tune of $100MM+ IS THE DARK AGE. Especially when the whole deal is done behind closed doors without public input. Oh, but it "had to be" because the opportunity might slip away. Then The Inc. reports they have been working on the deal for 3 years!

They can't even get their lies straight. Out with the Witch and her consort, along with Stole-Ur-Vote Steve.

What the hell are you talking about? Try to focus, man.

Rotten Peppers,
I will be your eternal defender. I like your style. You are the first person I've ever seen to use the term "blood funnel". The rest of these punks need to heed this warning. I'm watching you.

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