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December 17, 2013


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The signing in has been a common practice for a very long time.

Not at first at the El Paso Times Building-the new city hall. Sign In sheets were put up around 3-4 months ago - not long after Leeser was sworn in. In the old City Hall if you entered through the Basement especially before and after hours you had to sign in. There was no sign in sheet in the old City Hall on the first level at the Security Desk.

You must have taken that political science course also since you received less of the percentage of votes than Ketner received when he ran against Haggerty.

I'm pretty sure I've seen Mary Gonzalez and a girlfriend before. I don't know where you're getting the idea that it's fake.

norma chay vez

Mary Gonzalez has said on the record that while she has partner (a girlfriend), she says she is NOT gay. Which she said she was at first, but the backtracked.

That's where people get the idea from...from Mary's pie hole.

Why is there even mention of her preference or lack of? That's her business and as far I know, it hasn't affected public policy.

There are bigger and more important issues.

What's brownfield's deal?

On what planet is Kennedy's management of the County Coliseum golden? The current condition of the entire facility is a direct result of his management. The health department won't allow you to use most of the buildings due to direct neglect and absolute filth. His staff people are rude and obnoxious to attendees. I defy you to hold a successful event on the grounds.

I'm not comparing County Coliseum to facilities in San Antonio, Odessa or Dallas - I'm comparing it to places like Crane, Monahans, Pecos, Rankin and Ft Stockton.

Why you are nice to me is a mystery. Thanks for the surge of hits.

So what -
It wasn't an issue in her last campaign which was likely a good thing since she was running on her father's reputation and with folks remembering her as that nice little girl from the valley. However she has chosen to make it an issue with a number of interviews in state and nation pubs. She chose to make her private life very public, when all that was necessary was a statement that her private life was private.

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