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April 16, 2014


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She should have gotten the Fort Worth gig but there were a few forces in play. First, Fort Worth is a Council-Manager form of government in name only. City Council has their hands in all daily aspects of the City of Fort Worth. You want Economic Development money, you don't go to the City Manager, you go straight to the Mayor. You hate the subdivision being built behind you, you don't go to the meeting, you go to the council member.

Secondly, the Mayor of Fort Worth is a strong woman with lots of name id and well, the Queen of her domain. She even has a three-person police detail to carry her purse. While the vision of her and Joyce playing golf together or sipping mimosas on a Sunday afternoon makes perfect sense... Women in power don't generally like other women in power within their sandbox.

So when you add those two things together, she didn't get the gig because she would kick council out of the daily business of the city as she's done in El Paso; which isn't "the Fort Worth Way," and we can't have two women running things.

Exactly. If you think the politics surrounding the CM form of government in El Paso is bad - take a look at Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. It's not a pretty picture there either.

One thing about politicos - they LOVE power and resent the hell out of anyone trying to dilute it or take it away. After all - they feel entitled since they ran for office and put up with the abuse from their opponents and negative campaigning. No longer does anyone run for office because they truly want to contribute something to good government, sound financial policy and making a community or state a better place to live. It's all about them and not us. Unfortunately, someone has to do it and the good ones run like hell and won't entertain the idea of running for office.

While I find it very sad, I agree with you, just saying. Several good people have decided not to run for office because of how ugly it gets. We do need to keep a CM form of government and I hope David is clueless about the voters on this one.

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