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April 11, 2014


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The Witch and The Club brought El Paso to this. When it became clear to everyone that the city was working for Paul and Woody and not for its citizens, then a return to a strong mayor was inevitable. At least we can vote him out and not have to pay severance.

That moment came for Peppers with the TORA emails. No wonder she fought their release.

The City of El Paso has reached a point where a strong mayor form of government is no longer valid. With over 6200 employees, a land mass exceeding 275sq miles, a budget approaching 1 billion dollars all of which require professional management and you won't get that by electing a Mayor. You just cannot get around those facts.

U: could not agree more with your comments. The problem is politicians have egos and make promises that are not necessarily in the best interests of efficient management of daily government operations. Running a car dealership is a helluva lot different from managing 6200 employees and this mayor has a very young, green staff that has no real world experience.

U; I agree with you but Wilson fouled the well so badly that no one will trust a CM again. That will be her real legacy here.

Any change, good or bad is an improvement.

How worse can it get to hire a manager with minimal experience? We got Wilson with supposedly mass experience and look what happen. And now, behind closed doors, they are discussing how to get her a two year extension without getting the public angry. Thought she couldn't wait to get out of here. Apparently other cities saw through her self enrichment agenda.

Anyone can sit there waiting for a call, from the big boys, and relay instructions or write checks with regard to costs or budget.

I used to like David K's political perspective, but lately I have grown very tired of his arrogance and disdain for El Paso. He acts as if the people of this city have no sense, and generally detracts us as having backwards thinking compared to other cities. Yet, he is the one that glosses over reality, and presents a warped perspective of things to protect his cronies.


As you can see, most of the 30 most populous cities in the US use mayor-council form of government. In fact, El Paso is 1 of only 9 of the largest metros that use council-manager form. Even David's coveted Washington-Baltimore metro use mayor-council form.

While council-manager form is most popular among all municipalities, recent data suggest that pattern is changing. The truth is that if the people of El Paso decide to change to mayor-council form, it won't be a step in the wrong direction, but rather a move in keeping with the general trend of the largest US cities.

Personally, I believe that council-manager form makes it easier for elected officials to avoid accountability for their performance. Bad decisions can be blamed on the manager, and deviations from an undesirable status quo can be prevented because of onerous contractual obligations to the manager. New administrations may be locked into the practices of the old administration because of hold-over managers and their contracts. Majoritarian politics take hold, as council voting blocs can be formed to prevent any change from the status quo. And, generally the level of influence and accountability the electorate has over their municipal government is degraded. Bureaucrats and politicians become insulated, special interests can be served without oversight, and the public is left wondering who to hold accountable.

Moving to mayor-council form will be a good thing for EP. David acts as if Joyce Wilson single-handedly managed the city's affairs with her superhuman administrative acumen. In David's view, Wilson was omnipotent, in all places at all times, and that the city owes her unfettered obedience and servitude because of her so-called prowess. The truth is that she had an executive staff running the show behind the scenes. A mayor can employ the same strategy. The difference is that he is ultimately held accountable for performance; a city manager, not so much. An operation, whether commercial or governmental, can perform successfully if it has good processes in place. It must be able to endure long after good and bad leaders leave the helm.

Manny you write a nice piece but it smacks of the Disneyland mentality. El Paso has rarely elected a mayor with enough business sense to run a city our size. Just because the big boys have mayor-council doesn't mean it works. Many of those same cities are broke. If we go back to mayor-council we are on the road to financial ruin. Who are we going to elect Mayor? Carl or Emma! Look at City Council and tell me how many of those people are qualified to run a business? Would be great if Joyce would actually stay a few more years.

Ken; financial ruin is on the way thanks to the Witch who is DK's mother's BFF. That is why DK is so defensive of Wilson.

Manny: how many of those major cities with council-mayor form of government have past or pending corruption probes? I can guarantee you if El Paso returns to strong mayor form of government corruption will increase. It is a fact. I notice A&E political contributions dropped significantly when council was removed from the selection process. The first thing that will return under strong mayor is allowing council to participate in A&E selection and corruption follows.

Looking back at current and past councils there are no seasoned business people in the bunch that can manage 6000 employees and a multi million dollar budget. Joe Wardy was probably the closest to having the skill set to do that. But the employees hated him because he ran the place like a business and not a government union bureaucracy.

Just saying, Joe Wardy was NOT able to manage he city. The idiot made a PUBLIC comment about wanting to hire younger blood in the city attorney's office and it cost the taxpayer a pretty penny.

Personally speaking: an elected politician/official may not be a skilled manager and very difficult to run a political outfit.

Angie: what he was trying to do was break up the "Charlie's Angels" group and try to put people in the city attorney's office that had real world experience and not the disaster that was there when he got into office (remember Charlie was CAO at the time of Wardy's election). Unfortunately we now have one of the "angels" in charge and its quite evident she has no clue. Notice the retirements and/or transfers of certain attorney's that really did know their job and did a good job. They are gone and I am sure it's because of the previous mayor's choice of city attorney and Leeser isn't gong to make the same mistake Wardy did. He will live with mediocre talent rather than shake up the department.

Just sayin - so you would have us believe that Lisa Elizondo & James Martinez had "real world" experience! Although I believe Joe Wardy is a smart guy, he was not without mistakes and the shake up in the City Attys office was maybe his biggest. He had at least one close staff member who was extremely questionable as well. Not sure which Angel you are referring to as now in charge, but if it is who I think it is, she has done a great job!

Just sayin', I usually agree with you but not on this one. Lisa Elizondo and James Martinez were nothing but big jokes. Look at all of the money Lisa wasted on fancy furniture. I had an ORR with the city during this time, and Lisa was very unprofessional and absolutely clueless. Just look at the recordings of the city council meetings when she had no clue of what was going on.

The angel you are referring to is not dumb, just arrogant at times and she does not pay attention like she should. She also trusts the wrong people.

And, Joe Wardy was nothing but an egotistical, mean person who should never, ever hold public office again.

Well thanks for the blow back but there were some outside hires in the legal department besides Liza who were excellent and were forced out the minute Cook became mayor. Say what you want about Jim but he is a good attorney. They have no bulldogs in city attorney's office and that is why they always lose or the cases stay for months with no resolution. I know I have been a victim of the incompetence.

Angie all politicos are egotistical and mean at any given point in their term. I can't think of one that wasn't and that includes state and federal office holders.

Ken: you have no problem with the mega conflict of interest the city attorney has with her lawyer husband having a nice fat contract with the city for legal services. If she had a clue she would have immediately asked her husband to give up the contract when she became city attorney. Smacks of ethics issues if you ask me. Most attorney's would recognize the conflict and get rid of it. Obviously it matters not to both of them. I rest my case.

Not mean and egotistical like Joe Wardy. He was over the top. No one has the right to demean staff. He complained to a department head because a clerk called him "sir" instead of "mayor". Give me a break.

Joe was the un-bureaucrat in a sea of do-nothings.

Well you have an element among the city employees that totally despise the private sector and if the council members are not sympathetic to their cause they trash them anyway and anytime they can. Remember - under strong mayor form of government rank and file employees would cozy up to a council person and use that relationship to bitch about money, bosses, fellow employees, civil service rules - anything they didn't like - knowing that mayor and council could force the change, termination, reprimand or demotion of any employee they wanted to do that to.

I seriously doubt Joe Wardy said or did that. I do know for a fact that often times some of the employees on any given floor had no earthly idea who he was. That is true today. Some city employees couldn't pick the mayor and council out of a line up.

The department head is the one who told me about his "complaint" about not being called mayor, so yeah, I do think it happened.

You are correct about the the strong mayor form of government. That is exactly why we should not go back to it.

Sounds like an over sensitive department head. If they were a long time city employee/department head they had to know about the egos of politicos - seriously - they got all butt hurt over that?

just sayin' just, ignore that angie witch "b" secretary, from jw office.

Just saying, not the department head who was butt hurt. I understand politics, etc. and department heads are paid big bucks to put up with crap. Not the little guys, though.

OMG! Martin knows who I am! OMG! What will I do??? I am so scared. NOT! Clueless as usual, Martin. Get a life and a real job rather than having someone pay you to slander people.

get another profession angie nights!
word around city hall is your as easy as 1,2,3.... lol.

Really, Martin? I am so hurt.

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