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April 13, 2015


The reality is we all knew this was going to be the outcome. The part that really baffles me is the CC has no qualms taking $ from the general fund to pay this bad debt yet refuses to come to an agreement with the firefighters. Where are the priorities? Begin cutting top level admin would be a start...however I would venture to guess this will give both the CC & CCC what they would consider as justification to join as one complete entity.
Mark my words in EP

Hell, David, we told you the numbers were going to be wrong two years ago. I reckon everybody involved (city staff, politicians, and even bloggers) have to admit they were either corrupt or incompetent. There's no satisfaction in being right. But don't try to convince me that you know what's best when you've got a blight like this on your record.

synical hipster,

how can this be "on my record?" I'm not connected to the city of El Paso or the decision making process.

People only have the numbers their given. If one group is offering a number and the opposition is only screaming "you're wrong!" and not offering their own evidence... well then, there's not much to go on. Besides - the crazies were dead wrong here. They claimed the attendance would be abysmal and it has exceeded all expectations.

I think the crazies said attendance may be high first year or two and then go down.

But David is right the issue now is how to fix ie where to start cutting services or rasing fees and taxes.

How convenient to now ask the crazies to come up with a solution. Those of you who voted for this got us here and now it should be you all who should cover the short fall.

You want a solution. How about you take a couple of extra dollars from each and every person who voted for the HOT tax. Of course we all know that isn't going to happen.


how grown up of you! We'll just switch to a system where you get to pick and choose as an individual what your taxes go to. God I hope you live on the west side!

Just double the HOT tax. Problem solved.

Well, David, there were some numbers that just got pulled out of someone's ass. Like, the ballpark attendees would each spend $40 a night. That is, $160 for a family of four. You chose to accept that. Even though anyone you doesn't live in the Willows knew that El Pasoans don't have that kind of money. All it takes is a little honest critical thought. You're capable of that, right?

synical hipster,

Honestly - I thought the parking numbers were hilarious. People in El Paso do not pay to park.

I didn't the number was $40 per person... if it was - then, yes it was wrong.

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