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November 10, 2015


What people don't understand is that between 2006 and now more impermeable surfaces have been created in El Paso which tends to exacerbate flooding. That water is gonna go somewhere.



Then -- according to DK's logic -- once everything is "fixed", the tax will be lowered. Right? Or, will EPWU hire more overpaid bureaucrats to take up the slack? Remember, they can't "make money" so any extra has to be justified somehow.

let if flood,

In any major rain event there will be some place that floods - for whatever reason. You can't plug all the holes. city council will again pound the desk demanding answers and the tax will remain forever!

DK, can't plug every hole, but we can stop creating flood zones by building in the path of natural arroyos.

Take a good at the development on Mesa st.

Wrong, EPWU engineers or as bad as the city's engineers. The Engineer who runs the Storm Water was hired from the street department of where ? You guessed it, our City. EPWU is all about bullshit job creation. Ask someone who works there. I know an employee well. Hell, they even created a department to go around to businesses and make sure they have a storm water emergency plan in place(collect a tax for that 100 year flood) and he gets to drive a 4 wheel drive truck. Even more stupid is how when it rains a little they cant even get the pumps on. I've seen it. John Beliew couldnt engineer my toilet or bathroom to drain. These projects should have been bid out to Local firms by a board and not create an entity that will never be finished due to more job creation. Oh, and Maria Teran wouldn't have been able to sell equipment(Volvo's) and maintenance to the very Utility where she was on the fucking PSB board and voted for the Entity to be created. EPWU is just another Giverment Entity.


"Beliew" is actually a well respected guy who knows what he is doing. Across the board in the engineering community everyone agrees on this.

PSB didn't design any of the failures - so you're wrong there.

They bought Teran's volvos on a "buy board" where price, not connections are the only thing considered. Would you have had them spend more money on an inferior product?

David K,
I would have asked Teran resign. That Utility used to be run light a tight ship, even if Teran was on the board. But now, it resembles the city more and more. Incompetence and bloated departments plus a defensive attitude.

Well the former city engineer is now a VP at EPWU - wonder if he will screw up EPWU's process as much as he allowed the incompetent deputy managers to do so in city engineering.

DavidK is right - when the stormwater utility was formed they were up front with the public - it would take years to fix all the issues. It can't be done overnight and they have done the best they could with the dollars collected from the SW fee.

Disappointed, I think if you go back and look you will find they actually had changed buying boards when Teran quoted. If you saw the PSB meeting where Archuleta finds out about it you could tell he was surprised. Wasn't this about the same time Nick(CPA) retired from the PSB ? Always wondered if Teran's sell had anything to do with it. I also seemed to remember someone questioning that Teran voted for it being a conflict of interest. David berated them and said the PSB didnt buy Volvo's. Well, they do now. The new ponds they are installing between Copia and Piedras have nothing to do with the city in my opinion. Those ponds are replacing the ones that are on the side of the I-10 that always plug up with trash and don't drain. I'm assuming they were installed by whomever built 1-10 way back. Didn't know David was a progressive. You would think a non-progressive would rather have the projects bid out than create another worthless Public Institution.

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