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October 07, 2016


No one emailed you because no one reads him.

The biggest story in that video is Jaime driving his girlfriend's car.

What's the deal with him stroking those pubes on his chin?




What an egotistical idiot Abeytia is. My god how many times as he lied, misled, created drama where there is none and cried like a baby when he was blamed for being stupid. You are correct, he is in desperate need of attention and probably figured setting you up would get him attention.

David KKK,

You've said some mean stuff about people I really like. It's you opinion and must admit that you are entitled to that opinion. I also torture myself by reading everything you post on the blog because I'm curious. I guess it's my fault if I get mad at what you write because I don't have to read your blog. You get things wrong, but it's because you get bad information or you misunderstood the issue. I don't think you lie. I think you fall in the trap that all gossipers fall into.

Jaime has lied to me many times. He likes to plant lies with people to try to turn them against his enemies. You could see in the texts messages to claudia that he was lying to a lot of people. You are right about him going through a lot of effort to create a lie that you would believe and write about. He lied and you didn't. You just posted something someone sent to you. You post rumors I send to you all the time. Sometimes you don't. I cannot believe he doesn't see how stupid his plan is.

this is a good example of what you can learn in college. jaime isn't smart enough to understand his actions. If you tell a lie and someone repeats it, you're still the liar. I bet the newspaper would have reported it had someone sent them the same emails.


Don't you think it would have been better if he had not admitted to making up the campaign and just let you hang in the wind? You would look like a fool if the guy never announced after you wrote that he was in the race. It would make you the liar because we would believe you were the first source of the story. he's too stupid to properly pull off a prank. He was too eager to pat himself on the back for being smart. He ruined the effect by having an ego about it. Smart people play the long game. He is not smart people.

could have done better,

Interesting point, but it wouldn't have been the first time I said someone was running and it turned out they didn't. I'm glad I have a personal rule of not outing people's campaign materials before they go public because that would have been a little worse to post that. Or maybe it would have shown what great lengths someone went to deceive me.

Holy shit Jaime is dumber than I thought. He doesn't understand logic. Not even basic logic. Vince is going to support a candidate. Jaime is going to write bad shit about the candidates Vince isn't supporting. It's obvious. Just look at the sheriff's race. Jaime is going out of his way to slander a guy who has no chance of winning. Wiles doesn't want jaime writing nice things about him because he can't associate with criminals. It's very obvious.

Who has time for those types of deceitful shenanigans? Does he even work or hold a job?

It is sad and pathetic. He could have been a good blogger but it is obvious he has no objectivity. He tries to plant stories and sway the media. But he doesn't realize that everyone can see right through him.

He is toxic and unlikable.

You should be flattered that someone would take so much time to "trick" you. I can't believe Apodaca would be a part of this scheme. This makes me question his judgment.

You both sound like school yard children, have you heard the term i know you are but what am I? Both of you would benefit from friend up and behaving like men.

update - he's got all of one like on this facebook post where David K is making him look like a fool. I take that back. Jaime is making himself look like a fool, david is just holding the mirror so he gets the makeup right. Jaime says he's not supporting anyone for mayor and then remembers he jokingly said he would support some crazy guy. So jaime lied to himself on his own facebook page.

Davi K + Jaime= love forever
Ask Max to join you guys can have a threesome


Jaime is too fat.

David K too old.



Jaime got run out of Arizona, so why not run him out of TX?!


All of these people running for Mayor got me thinking. Maybe I should run for Mayor. I think I can fit it into my Trap shooting schedule. I could take trips around the country to shoot trap and get the city to pay for it by saying I was doing economic development for the city. Of course I'll need some flunkies from the city to go with with me to carry my shells, gun and carry my trophies back home where I can give myself a raise. What do ya folks think.

Abeytiagate > Pussygate?

I knew Mike Apodaca at UTEP if thats the Apodaca in question, if so he would make a good candidate for any office
including Mayor.

Come on, U. You know a mayor cannot vote a raise for themselves. No council member can.

David, you just did Jaime a favor and generated traffic to his worthless site. He should be sending you roses.

OMG! I just watched the video and this dude is totally mental. What the hell is wrong with him? Does he think he is still in 3rd grade? This person (cannot call him a man with a straight face) needs to get a job, pay his child support, and shut the hell up. Anyone associated with him needs to be taken out of office IMMEDIATELY! This means you, Claudia, Vince, and Veronica! Tells a lot about YOUR characters that you associate and HIRE a person like this. What is wrong with all of you?

FYI: Jaime is supposedly the incoming chief of staff for State Board of Education Elect Georgina Perez, some Tornillo residents got wind of this and are extremely upset. Jaime will burn her eventually, just like he does everyone else. I actually thought she was smart she has lost my support.

That blogger is losing more and more respect. Everyday people are starting to know who he is and are on to his two faced games. He tries to involve himself in politics of "The Valley" and true citizens are having none of it. Fabens people ran him out of their group and made sure he knew he was not welcome at their Buchino event. He is getting more and more toxic.

Jaime is fucking Georgina, has been for a while

Kathryn knows.

Max, he is driving his truck. ive seen him driving it with the Proudly Served sticker on the back window, but makes me wonder if the military was weaker while he served. good eye on the fat guy....
if he is fucking yoryina, grosser than kathy. but he is no prize. bet they make him wear dental dams on his peepee just in case.

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