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February 02, 2017


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Say it ain't so! You bet it could happen. Only in El Paso. The influence of corruption from our neighbor to the south is ingrained in some politicians in El Paso. They don't see anything wrong with it.

Politics is a blood sport...

I thought the same thing. Escobar believes she should run uncontested, believes she belongs in D.C. Leesor threw a wrench into her plans. Now she and her blind mice followers are scrambling.

Mayor Leesor, like Beto, is a guy who actually built a real business before holding political office. I think that's a pretty good qualification though I'd prefer Beto to stay on in Congress before he blows his career running as a Dem for Texas senator. The Judge had one of those "grooming" jobs the Shaplites are fond of using as a stepping stone to public office. Not the same experience, IMHO.

Part of Mexico's lack of good and honest government falls on their cultivation of what they call "technocrats." A technocrat is someone who has always been in a governmental position. In Mexico's case, they became wealthy performing that "service." Escobar may not be wealthy but she is El Paso's ultimate technocrat, one sided without private sector experience, bureaucratic by nature and a taker, as opposed to a giver.

While I agree Escobar is pure evil, Leeser is no better. He thinks he can do as he pleases and get away with it. He is making an ass of himself. Hopefully El Paso has more to choose from than these two.

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