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February 02, 2017


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you give the deadbeat dad too much credit. nobody reads his blog. at least not anybody that matters.

Sounds like Escobar and Shapleighites are trying the Hillary Clinton campaign tactics that failed against Trump. Abeytia is his own version of CNN/AP and all the MSM that distorts the facts and spreads the lies hoping the voters will read it and believe it. Bob Moore just wants to be relevant. Triple A Baseball can't start soon enough. Moore will be camped out at the Ballpark tweeting a play by play of each game and move on from politics.

Jaime, the brown tub of lard, was all over Buchino when Buchino got hot under the color and defended his wife. Now he says Leeser should have done the same!
Leeser was in a no win situation and he did the right thing by trying to make it quietly go away.

You forgot to mention Stout running for Senate. He spends most of his time in Austin with his former boss, Senator Rodriguez. They have it all planned out, except for Ordaz since she really can't think for herself, she killed their plan of having someone run for Mayor.

All I know is that I would never vote for Leeser for any public office. As for the rest of them, they are just kids on the playground, without supervision.

Slandering Leeser? The truth is not slander. While I detest Jaime and his nonsense, I am wondering why you are whitewashing Leeser.

Fact: He met illegally and tried to circumvent the open meetings act. Text messages prove it.

Fact: His wife was NOT pushed. The whole thing was silliness and did not warrant precious police time. She admitted she was not hurt. She was "very offended". Big fnking deal! Live with it.

Fact: He went on channel 9 expecting a fluff piece to make him look good because he is pals with the owner of the station. Instead, he was beat up with the facts and made a fool of himself.

Fact: Dude is so paranoid, he wastes tax dollars and police time with officers hanging outside his office and at the entrance all the time. Go visit city hall.

We need and deserve better than Escobar, Leeser, Stout, etc.

I would vote for Leeser anytime rather than self serving Escobar. She & Stout, & byrd need to get the hell out of the old western town of El Paso. All Veronica Escobar has done is make this city a poorer city by raising our taxes, oh & giving herself a FAT raise.

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