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February 06, 2017


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Yeah the local lawyer/DA never did a thing about Rachel Quintana's forged FedEx document to get a cheap airline ticket. Worked a "deal" for her the day she left office - so she got away with it for 4 years. Then Ann Lilly's Treegate. Not a damn thing happened and now she has another incident and nothing will happen with that one either. The local lawyer/DA sure picks interesting fights. Justice is not equal for all in El Paso.

From what I read on the intertube, the texts were between Representatives Limon and Tolbert.

Tolbert texted the mayor saying his feelings were hurt that he wasn't included in the meeting. The mayor texted back that he was concerned about quorum but that if Tolbert had to be at the meeting, he would make adjustments. It's those adjustments (i.e. rolling quorum) that got everyone in trouble. If Tolbert had been able to control his ego and baby feelings, there would have been no problem.

The Texas Rangers were supposed to ride into town, shoot half of city council for stealing horses and then ride off into the sunset. That didn't happen.
Too bad.

Thank you abandon hope. You made the relevant point that seems to be missed in all of Escobar's political corruptness.

Mr Tolbert texted the Mayor BECAUSE HE WASN'T INCLUDED in the MEETING. Mr Svarzbein wasn't either apparently he just showed up.

Regardless, if Mr Tolbert wasn't included to begin with then their was no quorum, so how do you charge deliberate intention to circumvent TOMA?

This is the same corrupt politic Escobar et all used today when they only targeted 2 people, Sargent and Grossman, for removal from the County Historic Commission and not the whole quorum who participated.

Even sadder CA Bernal stated that the poll was 10 members, not a quorum.

No members were ever informed or provided with OMA training. This reflects the total incompetence of Commissionser Court. CHC members simply followed the procedures already in place.

Once again Escobar shifts the blame and proves she is incapable of simple management tasks and taking responsibility for her screw-ups.

The only people who should be removed are Escobar and commissioners.

Key-Player Tolbert strikes again. Whining over no free steak to lack of inclusion in a meeting, problems caused by his fragile ego continue to rise to the surface.

But on point #2, Escobar shows us what she's made of. Fire the chairman of the Historical commission and his vice chair. Don't ever, ever do anything without her approval or you'll get the ax. Those boys were getting way too many headlines. It was a petty act from a petty politician.

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