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February 24, 2017


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DavidK wrote: "El Paso will not succeed as long as elected officials are expected to be the weapons of self preservation for certain political factions instead of representing all of their constituents."

Sounds like you're talking about your 'lil friend Tolbert.

Sorry DK, but the effort to punish the police chief amounted to nothing more than posturing and pc antics by Escobar, Byrd and friends. They stopped their assault on the chief when it became clear the majority of El Pasoans support the Chief and his comments regarding BLM. It's pretty difficult to believe Tolbert is being "punished" for that transgression. Besides, Tolbert actually supported censuring the Chief through another group and, as you say, through "needless nitpicking." That nitpicking included calling the Chief a lier from the City Council dais.

The reasons Byrd mentions in her letter are real enough. No smart politician would endorse someone who publicly throws tantrums when he is not included in events or meetings. Notice I said "publicly." Seems Tolbert hasn't figured out yet that everything he writes or texts is public information.

Tolbert is nice, very nice to people he thinks will get something from or people he perceives as important. Tolbert can be a jerk to everyone else. Another word for that is opportunist. How can Byrd and Escobar endorse someone who has proven himself a jerk and opportunist? After all, they must preserve what is left of their political careers.

DK, your connection to Tolbert blinds you to his faults.

David: I know facts are not your thing but they do matter to me. When Chief Allen was asked about a young group of El Paso protesters who were going to stage a peaceful vigil to raise awareness about a number of police shootings in the nation of unarmed black men, he called Black Lives Matter "a radical hate group." I was appalled and said so to whoever would listen. We should expect more from our police chief than to inflame the public debate with with that kind of toxic rhetoric. I let Jim know my opinion on this. I also shared my concerns with Chief Allen and a number of other council members. When it became clear that the Mayor and Council were going to be silent on this issue, I signed the letter speaking out against the Chief's comments with many other elected officials and organizations such as the El Paso NAAACP, the Black El Paso Democrats and the Border Network for Human Rights. Jim told me that he was equally appalled but that he didn't want to say anything publicly because he was worried about re-election. I was disappointed in Jim's response and the fact that winning re-election was more important to him saying what was on his mind. I told him so but continued to work with him as I had always done. Contrary to your assessment of me, I can work with people I don't agree with 100% of the time. There were a number of things that more recently worried me about Jim's leadership but what really did it for me was him violating the Open Meetings Act. It is just unacceptable.

Susie Byrd telling a black man what he should think and how he should act. That's pretty phucking racist.



Oh Susie. Let me remind you of the stories told about your 8 years on city council . How you pitched a childish tantrum when you didn't get your way, cried, slammed doors on the 10th floor and didn't speak to your fellow reps if they didn't support you. You need desperately to be important and a power broker in El Paso because otherwise you are a nobody, just another housewife play acting at being a media consultant. As a school trustee you are even worse. Money grows on trees for you. You have no concept of the cost of things and how it impacts the taxpayers. It's all feel good, Richard Florida concepts and fun for you. You are not a serious person. You do not understand real world and you don't live in real world.

The best thing Jim Tolbert has done is distance himself from you and Escobar. Both of you were too stupid to realize that picking on the most popular police chief in El Paso was a stupid thing to do. When city council didn't go along with you did it ever occur to you that maybe they agreed with the Chief?

Why don't you just run along now and set up a play date with Escobar and leave us all alone.

We sleep safely. Thank you, Chief Allen. No thanks to your critics who never held a real job outside of government or elected office.

Abandon Hope, Susie in her comments above just proved that David's statements are right on. She confirmed it. So yes, while David does come to Tolbert's aid many times this is one where he hits the nail on the head. " Jim told me that he was equally appalled but that he didn't want to say anything publicly because he was worried about re-election." Can't get more right than that.

wow - Read it again. Byrd didn't withdraw support for Tolbert because of the Chief issue. She withdrew support because he violated the Open Meetings Act. DK still thinks it's over the Chief issue. You can believe Byrd or not, but Tolbert has cooked his own goose one way or another. DK doesn't get that.

It's both. She added the Open Meetings stuff to update her dissatisfaction that Jim won't be her puppet. You can be guaranteed Byrd had a lot of walking quorums when she as a city rep for 8 years. Lots of after hours parties with Ortega, O'Rourke and others. You could tell every week the fix was in and be guaranteed JW the former CM was part of the group.

What's the saying, "those you are free from sin can cast the first stone?" Well Byrd certainly ain't a saint and sin free.

Can't stand politicos that act holier than thou and she certainly does.

OMG, Susie Byrd, STFU already. NOBODY cares what you have to say. You have proven yourself a liar. Chief Allen NEVER said that about the student protestors. You, Escobar, and company were being media whores for a situation that did not happen in our city. There was no reason for a "press conference". You did it to get your faces in front of the cameras. GROW UP ALREADY!

Again, Tolbert is an ass. He is unethical, mean, vindictive, and a freaking liar.

DavidK, not sure why you think anyone cares so much about why Susie Byrd is not endorsing him. Bottom line is she is irrelevant and he is a total ass that should not be re-elected.

DK: Your unwavering support for Tolbert has taken you to new extremes. Puzzling....

Stupie Bird sure cared about the blacks on lower dyer when she was in office.

abandon hope,

David K is right and Byrd confirmed it in the comments section. Rarely does a political commentator get his opinion of a person's motives confirmed by that very person in writing.

Read again, I agree. Susie mentions the Chief Allan thing first and the other shit she added on was just bullshit(like the dinner,like she hasnt ever done something like that) to make it look like David's point wasn't the only reason.

I'm no Byrd fan but what the chief said was wrong.

BLM is not a hate group. They are simply protesting a rash of recent cop shootings.

Everyone should be concerned about that.

Sorry but BLM is a hate group. I see the videos of their protests and marches. They are a hate group.

Sorry but protesting and marching doesn't make you a hate group. It's your positions on the issues that determine that.

Hate groups are reserved for groups that preach separation of the races like the KKK.

BLM just want cop shootings to be better investigated.

No sir - that is not what was shown on TV, You Tube videos, Facebook and other media. It was hate speech. No sane person believes BLM is a legitimate group and they even admit they don't have a central figure or organization that develops the message and controls the crazies.

Most cities do a good job of investigating shootings involving law enforcement. Some others don't - but it is not fair to paint all law enforcement in all cities with the same stigma that they don't properly investigate shootings. BLM does that.

Truth hurts

In your own words, you say that BLM doesn't "have a central figure or organization"

How then can you point to internet videos as proof that they are a hate group?

If they have no organization, they have no official message or authorization to create hate propaganda.

You can't point to internet videos and label them BLM hate groups if they don't even have a central organization.

By Tor have you seen the videos of them screaming "Pigs in a Blanket Fry them " or "only good cop is a dead cop" ? That stuff has been posted numerous times all over the internet. Hell, thats as bad as any of the Klans chants and its loud enough to be heard over all the other noise which means its a bunch chanting it loud and not a just a few of its members.

By-Tor, BLM IS a hate group. You have been given many examples. If you do not realize what they stand for, you are truly putting your head in the sand.

Ever since Romero was in office, there is no representation in District 2. When are you getting some one that cares for the dist., and runs for office. Both Romero and Tolbert are full of hate and opportunity. As for the BLM, it has good and bad in it. Some of the members are like MLK but, too many got in there and are full of hate. Have seen both sides of the story. There is too much hate in this country mainly for Blacks. But, think about the American Natives, the Jewish, Oriental, Irish and Germans. They all were mistreated for coming to this country. Look at what is going on now, due to too many judges (us the people. Look and read at what a few people have expressed. Nothing but hate for the black people. As for Susie and Veronica, they do the best they can. I had answered before but the message was erased. No one has the power to judge, only God can do that. We all are guilty some time or another. American Natives were here first and before them the Anazazi. We should all be part this county and the freedom we have had and still have.

Jesus and David Sanchez

What a few people chant on an internet video does not a hate group make. The KKK has actually burned people and hanged blacks.

When BLM actually does something like that, then you can call them a hate group.

A bunch of kids chanting on an internet video isn't proof that BLM is a hate group.

By-Tor, seriously? There are plenty of videos of large group of ADULTS yelling this crap. Where do you think all the cop killings come from?

There is nothing wrong in wanting to make sure all police shootings are justified. Most have been, but no one should live in fear and the bad cops need to go. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. This has been handled the wrong way, starting with the name. MLK is rolling in his grave.

Kids chanting and adult people chanting. It seems like kids follow on the steps of those that are teaching them. Those kids become adults etc., etc. Martin Luther King was the best of people by marching and getting groups of people to march and protest with him. He also was assassinated for it. There seems to be no more respect for one another and where did all that hate come from? From adults, generation after generation. MLK was a universal teacher of calmness and integrity. He was an icon to many people, and yet like a true soldier he gave the ultimate sacrifice.


Cop killing? What cop killing took place that BLM took credit for? Name one.

By-Tor, please tell me you are not that blind.

David Sanchez. I won't be blind if you simply point to at least one such cop killing that BLM authorized or took credit for.

Susie Byrd is a fraud.

kkk were and are demoncrips

By-Tor, just like Trump, even though you cannot directly tie it to the movement, they instigate hatred and violence.


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