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February 08, 2017


It’s more than obvious to me that our current city leaders made promises to investors, property owners and special interests in DWNTWN before the Duranguito location was even made public. This whole rigamarole back and forth slam on the brakes of the last few weeks is the last thing they and their owners want because that gives the public time to assess the stupidity of the arena and it’s proponents. This is why all the bigshots in DWNTWN are pleading for city leaders to expedite the process and get the damn thing done already.

Good point about Escobar and friends beings so upset about a non-public vote by a commission. This is the same Escobar who allowed the county medical examiner to stay at his job despite having lied on his resume about training that was required. Now that's real liability with court cases depending on solid evidence from the medical examiner. His results could have been questioned by any attorney and cost the county millions. Escobar allowed him to stay. Bottom line, who cares what the historical commission does? Hardly anyone until now.

Shapleigh Campers have a particular hard-on for ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Which makes sense given that liberals not only want to give you goodies, but want you to make sure you know that they gave them to you.

Will the arena flop? More than likely, but then you are missing the point. For the Shapleigh Campers the next play is "Well X is failing because we do not have Y, and we need this bond to pass to make sure we have Y."

If they were smarter that would re-calibrate their wish list, "Well forget the arena, why don't we get a do-over and try to get a deck park built or add a trolley line from UMC to DTEP?"

But because the Shapleigh Campers can never admit that messed up, they keep on messing up. There is not political cost for them to say "We goofed." Who is there competition? They have none, and if they do, they co-opt them when they need to (see Perez).



The Shapleigh Campers really want that arena for some reason.
I wonder if they'll own up to it when it flops and they sell it to Mountainstar for $1.00 to take it off city hands? Or is that the reason?

Precedent would say to consider how they owned up to Children's Hospital.

Max Powers,

ah, I forgot I was supposed to write a whole post on how liberal elites actually price the poor people out of their world... Need to write that some day.

Your friend Tolbert is really, really good at our #5. Vindictive is Tolbert's middle name. Is he a Shapleigh follower? Or just an Escobar / Byrd ass kisser?

Please quit telling the politicians to stop texting. That is the only way we can find out what is happening. (i.e. "I'm-a-key-player Tolbert)

And Max Grossman has Tolbert's number too. Read here.


Funny how politicians' true colors show in fiascos like this arena mess.

Throughout history hats identified social standing and removing a hat was a gesture of respect. In the “old days,” men took off their hats in Christian churches, when they entered someone’s home, when greeting a boss, and always in the presence of a lady. Ladies were entirely exempt from “hat rules,” wearing them whenever and where ever they wished. While some of these customs are now historical footnotes, even in today’s casual culture, men should still remove their hats indoors as a sign of respect.

I don't trust this little man.

Historical Bullies - The exact feelings of many regarding Tolbert.

Historical Bullies. Thank you for identifying the most salient part of this argument. It was hats. It was hats all along. That's why you are a great El Pasoan.

tBusch.. I'm glad you're able to understand.

Tolbert likes to burn the candle on both ends. His neighbor across the street is Monchies and they are very buddy, buddy. Monchies is also very close to the Moreno's. As far as anyone knows he has no real alliance with anyone.

Lupe - Escobar, Byrd, O'Rourke are what I call first generation Shapleigh/Caballero followers. Shapleigh and Caballero trained them, mentored them, introduced them to the people who could help their political careers. Perez, Ordaz and possibly Stout are second generation in that they are being mentored by Escobar. If there are any Moreno devotees left, they are more closely allied with the Shapleighites than other factions. Where does Tolbert fit in? Ideologically, he is with the Shapleighites whether they want him or not.

Local politics is harder to follow than national politics.

All I know, and I think many feel the same way, is that this arena is being slammed down our throat and for what? So the big wigs can increase their property values?

This is nothing but "flip this house" on a grand scale and the El Paso Taxpayer is subsidizing it for the Fosters, and the Hunts.

The arena was placed on a ballot. Can it be placed on a ballet to be taken off the list of projects?

Conejo: probably only through a petition process. But the city attorney will find a way to kill that process too.

Remember - the arena, children's museum and the Hispanic cultural center were all lumped in as one ballot item- so if you wanted a children's museum but didn't want the other two - you had to vote yes. The progressives on council and the CM in 2012 made sure there were only 3 ballot provisions instead of 5 that would have given the voters an up or down vote on all the bond items.

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