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July 17, 2017


Thank you Jim for standing up and apologizing for something I am sure you struggled with when it was all said and done and you realized you were used and abused by the VeroBryd people. It's rare to find an elected person that will openly admit a mistake and apologize to those hurt by that mistake. I know Tolbert's haters will pile on with hateful comments - but it took guts to do what he did. Win or lose he did the right thing.

I agree 100%, "Time for Truth".

Mr. Tolbert, it takes a big man to admit he messed up and to do so publicly. I am sorry you followed bad advice and hope you run for office again - this time on your own merits and being the good person you are. You do not need anyone else.

I am wondering why you did not realize your staff person was stabbing you in the back. After all, it was her name on top of the released email about the steakhouse. She stabbed Romero too, so Annello is very foolish to keep her around.

quit saying "you guys" did this or that....you have no idea what your readers (whom I assume are "you guys") did or felt

this guy always defended Gonazlez

Some of "we guys" never believed Tolbert's lies about the City Manager and Rep Romero to being with. Some of "we guys" never understood why Tolbert allowed Byrd to lead him around by a ring in his nose. Glad he finally woke up, but what does that say about a 60+ year old man's instincts and ethics to begin with? Sure everyone can ask for and receive forgiveness, but watch out for the guy who never learns from his mistakes. Watch out for the guy who thinks asking for forgiveness will wipe the slate clean and make him a fine upstanding candidate. "We guys" are not so stupid as to forget what happened.

And does Mr. Tolbert’s contrition extend to the harm he did to Mr. Romero and his family. For the times Mr. Romero’s wife opened hate male echoing Mr. Tolbert’s comments on his blog? For accusing Mr. Romero of trading tax preparation to Mr. Gonzalez for road repairs? Perhaps Mr. Tolbert is sorry for accusing Five Points business owners of buying Mr. Romero for $200 contributions. And maybe Mr. Tolbert will apologize to District 2 residents for the months during which an ethics investigation ground District 2 progress to a halt and bared D2 from even having a representative on the investigation. Yes, if he truly is sorry, it would be nice to hear this. But wait, Suzie made him do it so all is forgiven.

It's amazing how few comments this post has. I bet if I go back to the comments when all this was happening, everyone had an opinion.

Good point Izzy Montes. Makes you wonder.

I'm confused. Why can't we just call Jim Tolbert a tool and stupid dope and call it a day? Susie Byrd is a stringy hysterical harpie. How could any reasonable man fall for that schitck?

Well that Susie "tool" is gone and now she has 3 on council to pull their puppet strings. Unfortunately they aren't smart enough to understand what is about to happen to them.

I'm sorry. I might have misspoke by calling Jim Tolbert a stupid tool. He was just doing the best job he could with his limited abilities. The real problem with City council is that we are basically trolling for sub-human pod people like Claudia Ordaz with the crappy salary and lack of transparency and accountability. We have $30,000 a year public servants making billion dollar decisions for us. Doesn't that seem a bit odd?

Salary increases for Mayor and Council failed in 2015 with the last Charter amendments. It doesn't matter how much you pay (or don't pay) an elected official. They either get it or they don't. We have 535 idiots in Washington DC that make a 6-figure salary plus lots of benefits and perks and they control trillions of dollars and they don't do any better at it than our local elected officials.

I'm sure if we paid a heart surgeon the same as a waitress at Denny's we'd get the same results.

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