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July 13, 2017


El Paso is best run city in Texas, study finds

El Paso is best run city in Texas, study finds El Paso has been recognized as the best run city in Texas, according to personal finance website Wallethub.com.

Did the previous CM ever get that award? Maybe in her first year or two but not after that.

EPT is never, ever going to write a single positive story about Tommy. They are not allowed to do that because VeroByrd won't let them.

If this is the best run city in Texas, then Texas is in trouble.

Someone dug up the old playbook of bombarding the media with titles. Remember the saddest city in the US, then it was spun as safest city of whatever size. Truth was El Paso was NOT the safest city of any size. That was exposed when an actual list was revealed. Then we were among the best drivers ? Number 69 on the list ! Now the best run ? Oh yes, the biggest joke was cook as the best mayor in the WORLD!

One common factor is that these titles are lobbied by PR firms on the city payroll. So don't be so quick to puff your chest out and jump for joy.

Here's some real titles, very high rate of HIV and in the top ten people that don't pay their bills. Google it yourself. How about the highest tax rates and lowest wages in Texas.

With the number of under-educated people in this city, it will take more than QOL projects to bring more jobs. Until we can get more people to graduate from High School and get UTEP to turn out some people with degrees that mean getting a job, we'll stay where we are. "attended UTEP" (meaning didn't graduate) is hardly going to turn us into a jog magnet.

I think Margo is between a rock and a hard place. The city is bound to proceed with the QOL projects and, thanks to Wilson, none of them are going to come in even close to budget. And how about the Cultural Center? In debt before the plans are even written. Higher taxes,here we come, like it or not.

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