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July 14, 2017


The election to replace O'Rourke will be 2018, a midterm year. Voter turnout is low everywhere. The more affluent voters will support Fenenbock. The less affluent will support Escobar. More affluent voters turn out for midterm elections. As you explain well, Issues are not the question. The result will be determined by how many voters Escobar and the Democrat political bosses can transport to the poles. But, there may an independent candidate. What will that do to the dynamic?

If an independent, third party or a more qualified candidate that is a Dem or Rep, the dynamic would be that we would have real choice. Not the usual lesser of two evils.

Wouldn't it be nice if politicos just ran for office to serve and not as a springboard to a larger office?

Unless she announces like now, Vero's money and time problem will get worse.

Fenenbock has money. Money respects money.

She has time to build up her name ID and not worry about having to go negative on anyone for a while.

Vero is gonna probably have to hit up Beto's for cash for her race.



Hold on Max, Jaime stated its not about the amount of money raised. Only that Dori is buying the seat. Double talk ?

Wasn't it stated that Escoba and Bird were in DC with a "tin cup" ? Which one was the organ grinder and which one was the monkey ? I suspect she is worried and used the sales pitch that the congressional seat has to remain as a "Juarez representation" position.

If Escoba really felt she has a chance she should be raising money in the district or her other constituency Juarez.

Btw, I'm no fan of Dor either. That's another issue that needs a lot more scrunity about her junkets with school money.

Let's find out why Bird was playing hooky on an important education vote day. Did she provide an excused absence note to the board ?

The Border Wall protestors and the sanctuary city protesters are the same ones. They're probably paid. I see them downtown by the courthouse and they have matching t-shirts and carry similar signs...not the homemade type. I think they dig these people out of the unemployment lines and give them a stipend to stand in the sun. Can't figure out how Beto can justify "open borders" and oppose the fence we have. El Paso's burglary rate dropped with that fence.

Wow. Beto is an almost talented congressman that's now endeavoring to become an even less talented senator. Ms. Escobar was a community scholar and has Shapleigh's blessings despite having no descernable skills. Dori is a hysterical egomaniacal opportunist. She recently gave the most embarrassing TED talk I have ever witnessed. Cringeworthy. I love this town.

Gosh, Beto. Thanks for putting out the word on Fenenboch's TED talk


I really liked it. Too bad Escobar can't talk convencingly about anything she has done except how she sold us a Childrens Hospital and raised our taxes.

By the way, love your garage sale ads and obituaries.

I rarely use the "C" word. But hey, if it walks like a duck.

David, NOTICED your parents donated a chunk of money to Dori according to the Times. Good for them. Anything is better than Escobyrdshit. I see all the west side Jewish and Arab money donated to her too which is expected, however, the rag doesn't show if the big money donated( Foster,Hunt,Sanders, and Cardwell). Was this left out on purpose or are they waiting to donate at the last minute ? Your thoughts. Also, Jud Burgess made a stupid comment in the rag about no Latino's on the list. Judd, Maria Teran ? And don't tell me you meant Latino as in males only.

your thoughts,

Yes, I will get to all that. My parents did give and it makes my life a little uncomfortable... I'll explain later.

David K

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