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August 07, 2017


More accurate, anyone he kisses is a toad ! Remember the story that holding toads causes warts or more accurate farts.

Susie wants to be Commissioner?

So are you saying Moxie ain't making money?



Moxie apparently worked for free in several council races this cycle. Moxie only charges wealthy westsiders that run for office. And like Veronica she has to pay college tuition for high dollar Ivy League schools.

If it's true that the Suz is running against Stout, it will be interesting to see how she is going to explain the Children's Hospital bankruptcy debacle? And with UMC being a 'yearly tax increaser,' Stout will certainly have to explain why UMC needs another tax increase this year. Did he really gain any friends by sticking his nose into that arena location fight? And like Super Suz, is Stout a favorite the downtown business community?

Aren't there any decent candidates for any office in El Paso ? The choices are getting worse, laughable, frightening and shocking.

With Cook running for county judge and Super Suz now apparently running for Stout's county commissioner position; if elected, will we see a repeat of the Cookie and Suz show at the County? On their watch didn't we get the destruction of the old city hall, and the building in its place of the ball park, the Times building sold to the city, unreliable bond issue project numbers, plus city support for the building of the Children's Hospital? Can taxpayers afford to go through this again?

Your thoughts?

A little birdie tells me Stout is running for County Judge.



Reading that cook, Byrd and stout are or possibly candidates just made me vomit.

If correct, just shows that El Paso is a ship without rudder in a never ending hurricane and it's all due to the El Paso musical chairs. Nothing ever changes to include the drone voters. Same 3% that's always proclaiming landslides when their Kabuki candidates (cough) win.

Credit to them, at least they vote. Even if it's with the same stupid consistency.

Hey Max...would that be a holland bird?

Who am I??



Cook wins against Stout.

"King Maker"??? You give jaime wayyyyyyy too much credit.

The esteemed author of this blog clearly looks down on El Paso and El Pasoans ["But you are all too stupid and gluttons for punishment to do anything about it."]. Committed to his campaign to show us the light, DK is the leading glutton for punishment. We are not worthy.

Marisa – the “kingmaker” comment is an underhanded satirical insult by David K directed at the people that Abeytia uses his blog to put in a positive light.

I step into this pool at great risk, I know, but your assertion last week that Byrd is gonna run against Commissioner Stout made me think that'd be a good little El Paso Inc. story, so I called her and asked. As quoted in our Whispers column. Byrd said she would NEVER run against Stout because she likes and respects him too much. She was pretty adamant about it. What didn't make the Whisper was that she also said she's staying on the EPISD board to see the bond projects through. Because that didn't get in, I got a call from someone close to the situation who said Stout's running for county judge, so she wouldn't have to run against him and this person too was under the impression that she'll go. Sooooo, I called and asked her if she's thinking about the nice-paying commissioner's job. Again, she said absolutely not and repeated that she intends to remain on the school board until the full slate of bond projects is finished, which would be four or so years from now. You could thank me for making the calls and reporting this out for you, but you don't have to. That's not your job anymore than this is mine. But you raised an interesting possibility, which, it appears, isn't gonna happen.

Hey Crowder, thanks for stepping "into this pool at great risk," as your views are always interesting and help the blog discussion.

Based on the last EPISD special meeting with 2 members missing it was a disaster and it was led by Byrd. God forbid she stays on at EPISD. The bond projects are in a mess, way behind schedule because they have a person running facilities that couldn't read a set of architectural or engineering plans to save his life. He was put in that job by Byrd. They refused to approve design contracts for out of town firms which is a violation of Texas law but Byrd doesn't give a damn what laws she breaks.

Go ahead Susie run for county commissioner-you can't hurt anybody anymore because the county has no real power. Most of the functions of county government are run by elected officials and she can't bully them.

There will be an epic failure of the $400 million bond issue at EPISD - get ready.

David Crowder,

Sorry to put you in a bad position, but thanks for making the calls. has anyone asked Veronica if she's running for congress? Funny how she's not saying "yes". never believe a politician. I posted a new post outlining what I did and why I did it. Believe me, when 20 or so people call, email, text that Byrd is running and I know for fact they all don't run in the same circle - there was a serious thought out there.

To 'Who Cares,' what county commissioner's district does Marisa Marquez live in? Think that lovable old blogger Max Powers, once floated a 'trial balloon' on his blog, about her possibly running for a county position.

No clue. Most likely Stout's. I doubt she is interested in running - think she likes her life as it is now. Better to be behind the political scene instead of in it as a candidate.

Thank you so much Mr. Crowder for coming out with the truth.
By the way remember when Paul Strelzin was around? He was going to make David K. close up his blog completely but he got sick before anything could happen. But, Strelzin got very upset because he said this blog was way too hateful. It should not be allowed.
Thanks to people like you Mr. Crowder we are able to get the truth. Again thanks a million.

Oh Lupe - Strelzin never put a dent in anything DavidK did - radio show or blog. No offense but Strelzin was one of the meanest people I ever heard on the radio. A gossip - with his facts wrong most of the time and a gambler that had to be bailed out by his daughter's and his wife's retirement plan.

Whispers is not a "factual" news report. Simply tips from the public. Doesn't mean its the truth. Ask Mark Heins about that.

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