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November 22, 2017


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Wait, wait. Candidates get questions in advance ?

This seems to be a common practice in El Paso. Hasnt anyone ever heard of a debate without anyone receiving the questions in advance ?

No wonder there is no difference in the answers and no change in the variety of candidates

Escobar wanted the questions in advance. I don’t understand what she was afraid of by not seeing the questions in advance. She is a seasoned politician and should have no problem answering any question.

You can't pontificate and bullshit like when one is sitting in commissioners court.

Questions are generally about national/international policy and since she doesn't know county lol.

Okay, Escobar doesn’t know anything about national or international affairs, so she needs to know the questions in advance so she can study them and find the answers. She tweets and FB’s all the time about national and international issues and what her plans are. Nope, she was looking for any gotcha questions and an advantage over her opponents.

Talking about policy on FB or Twitter is no big deal. The person has plenty of time to prepare for a rebuttal. No need for a gotcha moment. A good debater can do that without notes.

However this being El Paso there are no debates only combined candidate news conferences. A debate would indicate who's the most prepared, able to defend their answer, handle the stress of an unexpected question.

These events are a joke. Anyone that loses with questions in advance is a real loser. An open book test is even tougher. This nonsense gives you the exact question and plenty of time to prepare. It's a test as to whom can ruffle thru their papers fast enough and with enough noise to distract the audience.

Let's have a real debate with questions from an independent outside source and no prior contact with the moderator.

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