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November 13, 2017


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David you make no real point here. Both sides are doing it. I don't think anyone cares. I read lionbaby's post about this Sierra character. Should lionbaby really be pointing fingers at anyone's criminal record? I think Dories super pac should run an add saying that veronica's personal bloggers is a dead beat dad and once arrested for showing dirty pictures to a minor. I hear Jerome is getting in the race. That should make the debates twice as long.


I'm pretty sure the point is so clear that only an idiot would miss it - both sides are doing what one side accuses the other of. It shows they have no ability to completely assess their own reality.

with love,

David K

Class David K post - here’s the formula:

1) one of David’s candidate’s screws up;
2) intelligent David enlightens the dumb liberal Mexicans of El Paso from his station perched on the hills of liberal Austin (hey David, real conservatives move to Mobile and Biloxi - not D.C. and Austin);
3) David dishonestly spins the story to validate his enlightened explanation...deception and hyperbole are two strongest ingredients of his concoction;
4) Eventually, the blame always ends up in Shapleigh’s lap.

David, here, a criminal is helping Dori by setting up a PAC for her...there’s no analogue on the other side.

And get a new formula - your sauce is stale and lost its kick.


technically speaking, both sides have a criminal helping. However, on one side there's legal separation. Super PAC folks aren't supposed to be talking to Dori at all. That's coordination and that's against the law, but you wouldn't know that because Shapleigh hasn't told you that yet.

This race is nothing more than finger pointing. It's more of preparation for Washington scandal finger pointing.

Escobar would do great in Washington with all the experience of antisemetic Warfare, lies and DINO accusations. No policy experience required only ability to spew continuous lies and attacks. Move over Maxine Brown and Pelosi.

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