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November 06, 2017


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You did good until you stated Escobar is annoited. So was Hillary, Acosta and Haggerty(nice guy).

They have a record that has or will haunt them. This the year that people have opened their eyes and ears.

Granted Dori has issues but still a better choice and she can take it. Her team has to get on the stick and hustle. All that nonsense about being a Rino is just nonsense. Escobar proved that. The point is who will be the Congresswoman of Tx 16 ? The elected official is to represent all the people not just the Democrats. Didn't Orourke and Hurd sit differences aside and worked on many issues?

Dori Team, quit hiding from Republicans, Escobar sure as heck won't.

This race is or should be about the 16th District not party !

Veronica is NOT too big to fail!

Dear Juice,
If you do not like your Boss...look for a new Job...there are many school districts in the EP area.

Both candidates are cheap opportunists and exploiters. Why is this even an issue?

Why does anybody care about unions that take your money, don’t give a crap about your opinion and then leverage that to get what they want, not what you want. Notice what happened in states that took away the right of unions to collect dues? Huge drop in membership.

Representative of all you are a BIG FAKE!!!
You do not represent me or others. Stay tuned for yourself and you will be the only one that listens.

No, he represents everyone else but you Lupe.

YES!!! Very happy to make someone else happy! Know about another dozen people that are not represented by whoever this person is. So do not put him or her on a pedestal.
Everyone is an individual. They all have their own thoughts, needs, opinions, etc. So NO this person does NOT represent everyone.

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