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November 07, 2017


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You’re not saying anything new.

Rich Wright was pointing this out years ago and I made that a big part of my effort to educate El Pasoans regarding the idiocy of spending that kind of taxpayer money on an arena that, even if sports were allowed, will fail epically – guaranteed.

We are still out there along with Paso del Sur and Max Grossman, etal putting out the message that an arena will be a disaster on every level.

Whether it has to do with displacing marginalized residents, erasing El Paso’s oldest history, demolishing historically significant buildings, or just plain costing taxpayers egregious amounts of dollars... all are valid reasons to oppose the arena.

I started a 6 part blog series in late May 2017 covering various aspects of the entire “sports arena” vs Barrio Duranguito debacle.

Scroll down to May 30, El Paso’s Arena Fustercluck Part 1 and read on...


Seconding Jud...I wrote an op-ed a while ago that remarked about this...what IS it that we don't get now that the "multipurpose performing arts and entertainment center" will attract? We've had the Rolling Stones..Cirque du Soleil...Guns 'n Roses...Bob Dylan...what are we missing? None of the City's propaganda has EVER addressed this question, because they can't. Some dudes are going to make a bunch of bucks from the $180 million (and much more) that will be extracted from the taxpayers and then they won't care if it sits dark for the rest of time.

My wag is that the demolishing of buildings and building is to keep local construction businesses in business. They can't complete anywhere else because they can't meet bond requirements.

The Billionaires need tax write offs, have the ONLY venues in town or monopolize the venues. Isn't one of them in property business? What better area to build than El Paso, they get tax breaks and tax subdizes to build. We are getting to the point that the city should it's name to HFSville. De la Vega has Juarez under her thumb what's wrong with having El Paso as well. A few buildings and structures they own Juarez and El Paso.

As it is now it's an open secret that local politicians sneeze when told by the Billionaires.

So the opponents of the arena keep changing their argument....no sir, all the arguments are relevant and necessary because the city's deception is multifaceted. City wordsmithed the bond ballot to bundle the projects so it was an all or none outcome. City had sports in mind all along, hid it from the public, then unabashedly admitted it in court.City has controlled the demolition all along from permits to payments and deceived the court. City stonewalled on contracts revelations. City colluded with Border Alliance and predecessors on Duranguito location and kept information secret from the public. City was willing to pay larcenous prices for properties with taxpayers monies. City avoided public involvement by going to an outside court with their case, etc., etc. City is guilty on all counts!

You forget that other than two hold outs, residents that were relocated into other housing are thrilled with their new homes. They are in better locations with modern features that meet building codes. Why in the world would they miss living in sub standard housing.

Private demolition contracts do not require bonding. Really stupid comment about contractors and bonding. Obviously from someone who has no idea how construction works.

Do I care if there is an arena anywhere in El Paso? No.

Well I suppose all those El Paso contractors having lying when outside companies hired. it's always been the same reason. So all the contractors are lying and you know best.

The only reason they wanted the new houses is they are new and the city didn't try to help them until they wanted the land. Understood.

But there are those that did not want to move because of friends and familiarity with the area. It's known as the human factor. What does that matter money is involved.

Obviously that the city is offering 3x the value of property and using tax dollars to do it doesn't matter either.

Jud Burgess you need to stop acting like you were the first guy to ever write about el paso politics. Davey boy here was writing daily way back in 2006 and had a radio show. If I remember right, he had his house vandalized, parent's contracts messed with and lots of gay porn sent to his email. Davey boy may be a big mouth, but he's done it for a long time. I remember when he exposed the paso del norte group's attempt to steal the hotel tax from the county to build the arena and own it privately. long before you started whining about the bond issue, Davey boy was birddogging the shady dealings going on at the county and city.

The neighborhood is not historic. It's just old. There is a difference between the two. I do think we should have a nice place for concerts with proper parking.

Shut up – When did I say I was the first? NEVER. In fact I pointed out that Rich Wright was bringing up these arena issues years ago.

My point is that David K decides to write up a post about the arena which is old news. He should stick to writing posts about the candidates he supports like the late, great Jim Tolbert and his new crush – Dori Fenenbock.

These days that’s all he does, along with this continuing middle school feud with Jaime Abeytia.

David K may have been relevant a few years back but these days he’s just a shill for bad politicians.

I don’t have a need to prove myself to you or anyone else but apparently you feel the responsibility to sing David K’s praises and list all his scars.

Knock yourself out.

Thank you sir for saying that. I've been screaming it to whomever will listen.

The arena is a waste of money and the only people who really want it are those who will benefit financially by it's location.

If I were you Jud I wouldn't be throwing stones at DavidK or anyone else. Your posts are not that informative or entertaining. You remind me of a bitter D2 candidate that lost and you can't get over it.

I blame the Chinese

And David. Sorry about the gay porn.

FYI Who Cares...my candidacy was about getting some viewpoints out in the public that nobody was putting out there.

Like building El Paso on CITIZEN PRIDE, not HABITUAL THEFT by city leaders and the 1%.
Like spotlighting the people and businesses that make us unique.

I use whatever means necessary to put things out in the public square. My blog, the El Paso Times, YouTube. Unlike all the other candidates who disappeared into the ether, I haven’t quit.

Still doing it. And if you think I WANT to be part of that fustercluck at City Hall, then you go right ahead. In case you haven’t figured it out, I dislike most politicians and have always said I am not a politician, just a concerned citizen of El Paso.

By the way, what have you done for El Paso lately, besides troll blogs?

Find another hobby Who Cares, because you’re not even marginally good at that.

Great Post. I agree completely with everything you posted. Thank you.

When I was in El Paso, heading up the Cultural Planning Counsel, the City Council was just like it is now. If it isn't their idea, all of which were less than good, it would not pass. I guess things never change in El Paso. So very sad.

They get an idea in their heads to build another BIG to build a huge arena but have not thought out how to use the space. In addition, the first said it would be a performing arts center and now it is for sports but they don't even actually what that would entail and whether it would bring enough people to support it. What a bunch of idiots. Shame on them. On top of everything, El Paso has a wonderful performing arts center in the Plaza Theatre. Jerks, each and every one. The heritage of the El Paso downtown is worth more than all these Council members put together. Sorry for the rant, I just couldn't help myself.

David K looks down on El Paso but keeps writing about it. He loves calling El Pasoans stupid. Maybe that makes him feel good. Last I looked, there was plenty of stupidity to go around - in D.C. and Austin, for example.

I like to read the comments on this blog to find out what people living in El Paso think, so thanks David K for that at least. Don't agree with Jud all of the time, but he's here and his viewpoint is valid.

Jud Burgess,

That was the worst, amateur attempt at video production I've ever seen. It is offensive to those "degreed" videographers" that studied and work in the profession. That is just a vain ploy to promote your crappy business.

P.S. I miss holding you at night and our good old fashioned reach-arounds.

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