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November 28, 2017


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Wow what a thug.

Hopefully Mr Castro is consulting an attorney re: the legality of economic retaliation and coercion by a school district employees union on a private citizen's non-school affiliated business and
his right to support a state approved and funded business i.e. charter schools.

What Mary said! Yes do that Mr. Castro!

I didn't see anything I would call paranoid.

Concerned? Yes. Paranoid? Far from it.

I too am concerned.

What happens to the poor children of El Paso when we turn them over to a "for Profit" institution whose only concern is making money and not the interests of the kids.

Dori will win. I've supported Escobar for a long time. I'm sorry to say she doesn't have the support from within the Democrat base. The same people that voted for Beto because they were fed up with the Reyes' attitudes are voting against Veronica. 10 years of proven success also breeds contempt when there is another good option on the ballot. Dori is that option. Veronica, please wake up before it is too late!

You're a moron as usual David. Seriously, I actually took the time to read Ross's email that you characterized as "Moore's weird rant" and I failed to see anything 1) "weird" or 2) "rant" like about it. But it's par for the course that an intellectual lightweight like you would throw that accusation out there and then not back it up.

You've been doing it since 2008 when I first noticed your shitty little blog.

And BTW, why the hell are you still so caught up in El Paso politics and city affairs? Aren't you living in Austin in a property that is owned by your parents and working for a healthcare corporation? WTF do you care what happens with charter schools or teachers in EP? Is your little buddy Dee Margo pulling your strings like he did back in the early part of this century?

You're pathetic. A real loser.

"This is the kind of ranting you find on a guy's computer after he goes and hurts people."

LMAO. This is such a perfect example of projection that I'm going to be legitimately worried for some time you might actually go hurt people. Making matters worse, I live in Austin too now, albeit in a home that my wife and I bought with our own money, but I guess that's immaterial. Before you respond to that, I checked TCAD, you idiot. L.O.S.E.R. Momma's boy!

Your blog, from its inception, has been a perfect example of what one might find on the computer of a man who had just hurt a bunch of people.

Great, Mike the DavidK stalker is back. I will never understand commenters that continually attack bloggers they disagree with. It’s a blog. It’s opinion and if you don’t like the blogger don’t waste your time reading it.

I enjoy reading your blog. You are, however, a moron.

So she didn't bother to send in the questionnaire and then got upset that they didn't didn't endorse her, when it was clear no one would could get endorsed without sending in the questionnaire? Brilliant woman.

So she says she's a Democrat and she attacks labor unions? Brilliant woman.

Ms Fennenbock

1. Did not seek the endorsement and is not upset.

2. Did not attack a labor union, rather took exception to Mr Moore's tactics and apparent plan to destabilize the school district.

Good comment, Mary. Anyone who pays dues to this teachers union is wasting their money. A boycott of McDonalds would only publicize the importance of school choice and would hurt the union.

Texas is a right to work state. Those teachers do not have to pay union dues. That union has no collective bargaining rights - so why would a person waste their money? School trustees can act like they care but do whatever they want. Only pay back is the threat the union won't endorse them or vote for them. So what. When less than 40% of El Paso votes just exactly how many of those voters are teachers? How much do they pay Ross Moore? Bet it's more than a teacher makes.


you got help a few years ago and stopped stalking me. Why are you again stalking me? It's strange you're obsessed as you are. For your sake, chill out and stop surfing blogs. You've proven you're not mature enough to handle them at this time.

David K

Thank you for your comments Abandon Hope and Who Cares.

Your comments and questions peaked curiosity so below is a cursory review of the EPISD and YISD union 990 filings focusing mainly on Pages 1, 7 , 9, and 10.

For reference, the site link to pull up the 990 financial filings for the 2015 report for both EPISD and YISD unions is http://foundationcenter.org/find-funding/990-finder

The EIN used for the search for EPISD is 741843502 and for YISD is 741675418

EPISD union members may want to take a closer look at what they are actually supporting and getting with their membership dues by comparison to YISD union members, since EPISD union members seem to pay more and get the same or less benefit than their YISD counterparts.

In 2015 Ross Moore was paid $60,000/yr + pension + other benefits according to the 990 filing.

EPISD union members are funding 7 employees with a total payroll Of $381,925 for salaries, benefits, and retirement match - essentially a small company.

The average base salary (retirement match and benefits not included) for the 5 remaining employees is $48,808 /yr per employee after removing cost of all benefits, retirement match, and Mr Moore's $60,000 salary and another director reporting $995 in compensation.

In contrast YISD union members fund what appear to be 3 part-time employees with a total payroll of $36,894 with no retirement match or benefits.

The EPISD union filing lists $1,081,273 as both membership dues collected and paid to the higher organization however $717,037 is itemized out as payment to affiliate which seems to be the actual dues paid to the higher organization (see page 10)

EPISD members dues of $364,329 pays a significant amount of the overhead for Mr Moore's local "empire".

An additional $163,908 in grants, gifts, contributions covers the balance of expenses.

Based on statements in Mr Moore's email it makes one wonder if the source(s) of the additional contributions may explain why only Mr Castro is being targeted.

In contrast, YISD union reports collecting $1,077,382 with $964,968 paid to the higher organization leaving the union members to cover operational overhead of about $112,414. That works out to about a $30 / year per member local fee to cover compensation, office overhead, travel, conventions, meeting, advocacy etc.

EPISD union spent $14630 on conventions, meetings, and conferences and YISD union spent $11,035.

Ironically the EPISD union representative travel expenses seem excessive by comparison to YISD.

EPISD union filing reports travel expenses of $18,998 compared to YISD's paltry $120.

If EPISD union does not have collective bargaining rights can anyone clarify why the EPISD filing states that collective bargaining is part of their function?

It is too bad the Mr Moore cannot be forthright in representing the real interests of the people he is supposed to represent.

El Pasoans hold teachers in high esteem and I think the public would be supportive of the truth rather than Mr Moore's destructive personal politics.

First off I want to state that I have no doubt that the majority of teachers are committed to their students quality of education and well being.

With that said, I also believe that they are equally committed to preserving their retirement fund and I do not blame them a bit. We all would be if in their shoes.

The problem is not charter schools nor concern for the kids much less the "poor kids" it is about the impact on the stability of the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) and the ISD budget.

The TRS fund is so big that if it falters there is no way the State would be able to fund the shortfall.

The stability of TRS and it's ability to pay retirees is reliant on payments into the system by new teachers and teachers with less than 20 years of experience.

This is why new teacher salaries and raises are disproportionately high in comparison to experienced teachers with 20 or more years. Teachers with less than 20 years sustain the system.

Mr Hunt stated he wanted to see El Paso implement the Denver model which I believe has about 30% of students in charter schools.

Private/Charter school teachers do not participate in TRS.

The concern is losing that funding statewide along with the daily attendance funding for students may negatively impact the ISD budgets as well as TRS stability.

Allowing school districts to implement charter schools within the district is about the only way for public schools to compete, keep their enrollment, and attract new teachers.

It is unfortunate Mr Moore and his supporters continue to ignore this reality.

Here is a link to an article that gives a decent view of concerns re: TRS


As expected, David K didn't address the substance of my post, instead throwing out a wet fart third grade attempt at an insult.

You may be confusing me with someone else, however, because I haven't bothered to read or comment here since 2009 and before that only shook my head when people sent me links to you and made fun of you amongst friends and colleagues.

So back on topic, please elaborate Dave - what exactly about Ross' email(s) was "weird" or "bizarre" - or for that matter, qualified as a "rant"? Inquiring minds want to know whether you can provide more than shallow accusations and insults.

Very good information Mary. The only unions I know in El Paso that have collective bargaining rights are city police and fire. Not sure about the Sheriff’s union. If teachers unions had the same rights then they could be at the table with the trustees negotiating actual salary,benefits and pensions at budget time. I don’t think I have ever seen that with any teacher union in El Paso.

TRS has been on the edge of insolvency for years like many City, school and county pensions funds in Texas. None of these entities fund their pension plans 100%. If it makes you feel any better Social Security is going broke also.

Very interesting info in the 990s between the 2 school district unions. Ross Moore has some explaining to do on why he spends so much money on staff and travel. I hope his union members demand that info.

I hope the EPISD union members start demanding some accountability from Ross Moore also.

That was my impression too re: collective bargaining.

SS going broke is of no comfort since I've paid so much into it, but the possibility certainly gives me cause for support and empathy for the teachers.

Thanks for your response.

Mary - Thanks for the detailed information. Keeping the Teacher Retirement System afloat should not be a major consideration in the school choice issue. TRS is funded by employees in higher education, not just teachers. All classified employees in every state medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing school as well as other allied health schools pay into TRS. The Texas legislature will always support expanding these health related institutions. Even if public schools hire fewer teachers, TRS will still be funded.

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