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December 05, 2017


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yes, Enriquez the silent candidate.

Campaign between Cook and Samaniego. What would a late entry to this race? There's a couple of people that will decide by end of week.


Peter Svarzbein's column where he states that El Pasoans are wrong to lament not having Six Flags, Disneyland, or a River Walk to attract tourism.

He states "The streetcar route will be our River Walk".

You can read a very amusing post about it here


LOL, Peter Pan is stays in a delusional state of mind.

How stupid can one be to believe that tourists will travel thousands of miles to ride a trolley ? !

The sleight of hand is that he doesn't talk about the cost involved in the renovation one trolley car. Almost a million dollars. He doesn't mention that the tracks and electrical works will be in the millions. He doesn't tell you about the dark secret about the operating costs. It will cost a million dollars a year to operate and maintain!

Are you gullible enough to believe that the trolley will pay for itself ? Don't fall for the hotel tax bs. They're paying for everything with that nonsense. Every new project...... no worry the hotel tax will pay for it. Unfortunately, they can't even get people to fly here. The airport traffic is and has been low. And getter worse.

Less tourists or business coming to El Paso, no problem we'll build another hotel as an incentive to visit the city. Take a good look around. The hotel occupancy is less than 30% which is a failure in hotel industry. They turn on lights to give the appearance of the hotels having record levels of use. Must be reading a lot of Kim Jung book of fake occupancy.

Awe are being taken for another ride and the gullible are looking forward to it.

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