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December 22, 2017


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Why is anyone surprised that Byrd and Escobar don't like Gonzalez? He brought efficiency to City government and has stepped on bureaucratic toes. Why is anyone surprised that Tolbert had help writing his complaint? It was obvious to anyone who read the complaint that an attorney wrote it. Politicians use petty feuds to win elections. It’s quite likely Chavez will win this race, leaving Escobar and Fenenboch backers and their respective blogs to fight like children on the playground. Tolbert claims he was doing Byrd’s dirty work. It seems he’s now doing the same for Fenenboch.

Chavez will win this. She will move to DC and become Trump’s soul mate. His raison d’etre. . It will produce the mutant love child of the Democratic and Republican parties. It was always meant to be this way.

VIVA, Viva, Viva, Long live Norma Chavez! It's so good to see the sun come out each day, and now to have such an exciting race to look forward to.

I know one thing Chavez will make the tax payers in El Paso pay her way to something or the other. That is what she did with her college tuition and graduation party. She not once did anything for her district or this city. And is she going to take her father with her so she can curse him out in front of everyone? She did that many times before. And is she going to throw tantrums in front of the camera? People really forget the way she is. NOBODY wants her around she was always an embarrassment to this city!!!

Lupe, Lupe, Lupe; why are you so poopie Lupe?

It's so good to see the sun come out each morning and not be forced to watch a preordained coronation.

VIVA, Viva, Viva, Long live Norma Chavez! Give em hell Norma.


look under your bed. lots to sniff there. just ask her.

NC is the only spoiled child in El Paso. If she does not get her way she will throw a tantrum. Many of us that have worked the campaign trail have seen it. Another thing is that she would go out with her dad and one of his many girlfriends. When she hit a sang she would scream at her dad and call him everything in the book. Where did she get all that money to pay so many people that were working for her? She called it volunteer pay. Funny, huh! Another thing is that she is not well liked.
Her home is in Austin so why doesn't she stay over there? She has no idea about boundaries that's for sure!!
Old Fart, you really disappoint me!!!

Lupe, Lupe, Lupe, I could care less about your disappointment.

It's good to know this congressional race won't be a coronation, but rather a fun election. So let's see what the election market place determines?

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