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December 07, 2017


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I wonder who wrote this for Mr. Tolbert?

Funny. Tolbert isn't the first to be manipulated by the behind the scenes kingmakers. I remember Luther Jones writing all of Melina Castro's comments at city council when she represented D4.

I appreciate Tolbert coming forward to let people know what goes on behind the scenes when the power brokers want something done. They can't be seen getting their hands dirty. You can bet Susie is pulling D2 and D3 reps strings and telling them what to do and what to say. For Susie it isn't about good government - its about control. And when you think for yourself God help you - she will destroy you.

It is easy to admit mistakes when there is no cost -- political or otherwise. I appreciate the message but am skeptical of the sincerity. Is anyone really that gullible?

I took his comments to be a "lesson learned" so everyone is aware and don't fall into that trap.

I think we, at least, think or know that Byrd and Escobar are professional users and backstabbers. So long as they control events others are expendable. Unfortunately, getting rid of them will change nothing. The region is so corrupt and unethical that there are others waiting to take their place. Reminds me of the mob wars.

Is he really sorry ? Only he knows.

sorry, Jim, too little too late. Screw you.

While I cursed his name when all this was happening, I do commend Tolbert for coming clean. To those of you that say it's too late, I beg to differ. Perhaps Susie Escobar's current puppets (Hernendez & Anello) will grow a pair of ovaries, stand up to them and do whats best for the City and not their role models' careers. That's if they had a half a brain and cared about all women in El Paso, not just the one's in power with political careers. #Istillhavehopeforthosetwo

A suggested way to break or at least start the dismantling of the BEET clique is to not vote for Escobar or Orourke then not for the two city council reps unless they change. Show Esparza out the door.

Doesn't matter if you don't like their competitors, it's the only way to break the stranglehold they have on El Paso.

Just remember their replacements have to understand the message so don't stay home and not vote. vote for the other person.


I'm no fan of Escobar but I'll be damned if I had the keys to the carpetbagger. The devil you know is always better than the one you don't.

Carpetbagger? Who is that? Keep El Paso Corrupt - elect Vero.

Mr. Tolbert....Give me a Freaking Break! You were so close to getting re-elected except you threw a Hissy Fit because you didn't get your Free steak from Ruths Christ steakhouse. Now you are groveling, begging for forgiveness.

Lets get the facts straight. Larry Romero was accused of many things--which you conveniently forget. No, its not about children and a red light (which Cathedral didn't want to pay for, so they simply asked Romero via Niland to just put up speed bumps). It was this short sighted thinking that resulted in the Christian Brothers shipped Brother Sam Martinez from New Orleans, where he was a Pedophile and molested students, to El Paso, where he promptly began doing the same things. And, once all the legal smoke cleared, Cathedral and the El Paso Diocese paid out approximately $3 Million in damages.
Plus, Mr. Tolbert, you forget to mention Polk St. that was paved, a street not on the Street Infrastructure Capital Plan, but a street on which Romero lived. And, yes paving the only alley in El Paso--and whose owners of the Pershing Inn and Italian Kitchen were major Romero campaign donors. This resulted in poorer residents not having THEIR streets paved.

Plus, you forgot to mention the numerous conflicts of interest with Romero and Tommy Gonzalez. One of them, being that Romero's brother John, an accountant, and NOT a CPA, did Gonzalez's complicated income tax forms for only $100.00.
Romero also mis-represented himself with his dealings with city officials and trying to get the city's very lucrative financial adviser contract re-bid--in order to help Romero's previous employer. And, he worked hand in hand with Gonzalez.In fact, he signed a letter of reprimand, admitting guilt.

Also, Gonzalez formed a "Consulting" group with just he and his wife as the employees. This group was called G2 SDI Services LLC. And, wonder of wonders, guess who helped organize and file all the paperwork creating the LLC? Why, none other than John Romero, the same man who only charged Gonzalez $100 bucks for his complicated income taxes.

Let's not forget Tommy Gonzalez. He came to El Paso under a cloud of suspicion. One of them for squeezing vendors for tickets to luxury suites at the American Airlines arena. Among others.

So, Mr. Tolbert, your apology is about as phony as a $3 bill. I don't know who is the biggest hypocrite and PHONY in El Paso. YOU or Doris Fennenbock?


Seek professional help.

Your friend,

the entire fu*king world (that is out to get you)

Augustus Snodgrass brought up some valid points about what was going on during that period of time.

For a shitty little paper, it was good to see the Times finally report on some local issues of interest. One was the article on Tolbert, along with his public confession on the editorial page. The other was about Norma Chavez running for O'Rourke's congressional seat.

It should be a fun and interesting election season, rather than a coronation, requiring candidates to campaign and work for this congressional position.

I agree with Mr. Snodgrass. Mr. Tolbert is not sincere at all. He is doing this just to get his way again. Bet you he is trying to run for something again.

Oh Lupe, I wondered when you were going to weigh in. You despise Tolbert so anything negative about him you jump right on it. It takes a lot to publicly confess guilt over an event that harmed people. A trait I don't think you possess Lupe. Right or wrong - I am glad he set the record straight. For many of us - we knew Susie and Veronica were the puppet masters in D2 and continue to do so in D2 and D3. Until someone takes them both out politically - i.e. they are voted out of office or lose an election we will always have them messing with the truth and leading the vulnerable down the path to corruption.

I agree that he did right about publicly apologizing. But, I will never trust the man again. And he still does not sound sincere about anything he says. He wants to seek office again. How much history do you know about El Paso? As for Vero and Susie they are professionals trying to do their best. Shapleigh, Vero and Susie and others were the ones that cleaned out the court when Tony Cobos was doing wrong. But, that is in the past and no one wants to think of it. They hate Vero and Susie and everyone else that had anything to do with it. The reason that the court house is a little better now. These people would rather have Tony Cobos in charge and more corruption. As for me hating Tolbert NO.
When you hate someone else you do not love yourself. I love me and believe in God and know that He loves me. That is all I know.


Travis Ketner turned states evidence and HE
alone "cleaned out" the court.

Shapleigh, Vero, and Susie have had ABSOLUTELY NO ROLE in cleaning up corruption in the court or elsewhere, especially Escobar.

In fact Escobar was buddies and accepted money from some of the indicted and ironically refused to pay the money back while insisting and implying that others were corrupt for accepting donations from the exact same people.

Lupe, the down side of a revolution is the revoluntionaries become the very thing they replaced.

Corrupt, lying, personal gain, self enhancement and using people. She claims to be the patron saint of immigrants but states jail is good for them. She has no problem accepting the 30 pieces of silver that hubby gets paid. Of course she doesn't like to be reminded that the party in power appoints their own to judgeships. But, she is a (wink) Democrat. Fundraising list a clue ?

Augustus, Bro, you forgot to say Larry Romero was still collecting a paycheck but then was at the Augusta National Golf Course.

Too sick to work, but not so sick as to attend a Golf Tournament out of State? All, while us working stiffs are paying HIS PAYCHECK with our money?

All I can afford to drink at the L&J is Bud LIght and this guy is out partying? Plaus, Tolbert, you are an ass***. Go pay for your own stake. Or now that Charcoaler is open, go buy a burger there.

Jim Tolbert, how about YOU calling Miguel Patino, an "Ass?" Do YOU think that is respectful or worthy of your position?

I guess not, as you had your ass kicked in by a 33 year old Latina novice. The final tally was a 61% Total over your 39%...as Annello said. "District 2 has seen DISHONEST and UNETHICAL representation for a long time. We had an INCUMBENT who we had a lot of DIFFICULTY with and was DISRESPECTFUL to the community.

You mean like calling a lowly citizen of El Paso, an ASS? Ask Miguel Patino how that feels?

Or else, the email Tolbert sent to Eric Fike, manager of Ruth's Chris on Aug. 15th. "I find it very dissapointing if not RUDE that your establishment invited the City Commissioners and the Mayor but failed to invite City Council. You SLAPPED City Council IN THE FACE!" It is hard to find ANYONE SUPPORTIVE OF RUTH'S CHRIS!!!!"

No, El Pasoan's would rather eat at Chico's Tacos or the Golden Corral. Yes, even the Sizzler. I mean, Who wants to eat at Ruth's Chris when you have such fine dining establishments? After all, they INSULTED City Council by not giving them FREE Steaks!!!!

To paraphrase your own thoughts. "Its NOT THE BRIGHTEST THING I'VE EVER DONE."

No kidding Sherlock.You threw a hissy fit when you didn't get a free steak and then proceeded to denigrate the newest fine dining steak house to come to El Paso because they woudn't kow- tow to you, the Emperor with No Clothes.

Sorry but the new D2 rep is bought and paid for by Byrd, Escobar, Stout and "a prominent El Paso businessman". Patino was acting like an a**. He deserved to be called that. You can argue that city council wasn't the place to do it - but he is a jerk and full of himself. Causing the taxpayers millions over a stupid, run down neighborhood that is now virtually abandoned, empty and no one gives a crap about it except 20 college kids and their professors. You need another name that starts with an "S" so your initials would be AS*. Because you are acting like one too.

Dear "Who Cares," aka Jim Tolbert. You can't handle the truth, especially your petty whining. The new D2 rep is bought and paid for by Byrd, Escobar, Stout and a "prominent businessman?" Probably, but who isn't "bought" in El Paso.....?

There is always a quid pro quo--especially in El Paso, where everyone owes everyone something. There is nothing Free in El Paso. You yourself should know that.

Tolbert, you got your ASS kicked in by a novice by an overwhelming margin. You will never be elected to any position in El Paso. Your "brand" is Toxic and you come across as a petty, whining hypocritical wannabe politician.

And you AS as a angry, pissed off person that hates everything and everyone. Merry Christmas.

No, I'm not an "angry" person. I have many, many friends as well as business "friends." My real friends go back almost 50 years.

What I do hate are: Political Hacks 2. Phonies 3. Pompous Idiots 4. Self-entitled jerks 5. Self-serving people who can't take responsibility. 6. Politicians who want a FREE Steak when a new steak house opens in El Paso.

That list, with the exception of #6 is: Jim Tolbert, David Saucedo, Larry Romero and Doris Fennenbock.

Merry Christmas!


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