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December 18, 2017


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You and your Tolbert propaganda are unbelievable. No one made your li'l friend sign anything. He did it all to himself.

AH: you obviously don’t get how politics works in the real world.

Who care: Oh, I forgot. Politicians get to do stupid things and blame it on others.

Why are you going on and on about this. Dori has no shot of winning. And I hate Escobar

Wow. Norma is crazy, irrational, illogical, emotionally unstable and lives in a paranoid netherworld populated with her own bizarre fears and fantasies. I think she will be the refreshing populist voice of the people that we’ve yearned for. Just like Trump. She’s going to win. Drain the swamp.

Norma and David lovefest! Time to break out the popcorn and beer!Final some some real entertainment!;O)

If Norma wins what is she going to make the tax payers pay for her this time?

I thought you said they "made" him sign it. Where is the coercion? There is nothing there that even looks like coercion.

Why are you just making up stupid shit? Move on. Byrd isn't an evil mastermind, Escobar isn't corrupt, you're just stupid. This isn't a winning issue for Fenenbock or Chavez.

Al Bundy,

It shows Veronica is a liar.

She called this a "conspiracy theory".

Obviously it was not.

The question is why she did lie about it, if it is as you suggest NOT an abuse of power?



She wrote "Love it." As far as you know that is the extent of her involvement. So as far as you know, she was aware that Tolbert and Byrd planned to file a complaint.

That's assuming the post on Sign of Zorro isn't just fiction. So then we can assume that Tolbert is Zorro? It's good to know he's got something to pass the time of the day after getting kicked out of office for being an ignominious shit.

I had forgotten Escobar had denied knowledge of Tolbert and Byrd discussing the complaint. As a voter who is going to vote in the Democratic primary, that doesn't compare to Chavez's craziness from a few years back or to Fenenbock's Republicanness. That's fascinating she apparently lied about her knowledge of the complaint, but she's still better than Chavez or Fenenbock.

And seriously, what does this mean: "Susie wrote and made Tolbert sign." How did she do that? Did she threaten him with violence? Some sort of financial blackmail?

If you're saying she "made" him sign it without offering evidence, then you're slandering her. That doesn't improve the credibility of this dumbass blog.

Al Bundy,

Vero is crazy, and she has no problem taking Republican money .

What else you got?



I try to take you all seriously. Max Powers, your piece on Jose Rodriguez was great, and made me reconsider my opinion. But when you and your buddy at Refuse the Juice make up stupid shit out of your paranoid obsession with Byrd, I doubt any halfway sensible things you may have written.

I'm still trying to figure out what you all mean when you claim Byrd made Tolbert sign it. You all have not answered that. What method of coercion did she use?

Threat of not supporting him for re-election to include fundraising for him. They pulled their support and promises of fundraising when Tolbert refused to sign the letter demanding Chief Allen be fired over his BLM remarks.

This type of coercion happens at all levels of elective office regardless of party affiliation.

Who Cares, none of that is coercion. So they didn't make him sign it. Yall are full of shit.

"She's going to bring some fire to this race?" Really? How?

Norma, if you hate Veronica, why are you working on her behalf. You are totally unelectable, and now, you have no brain. You won't win. You're taking votes from Dori Fenenbock. Ah...Norma has an ax to grind with the Reyes Family...Remember Martie's campaign?

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