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December 06, 2017


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I did not realize just how rotten you are! Didn't your mama teach you to not speak ill of the dead?! Or, to simply keep your mouth shut when you have nothing nice to say? At least Jaime Perez was a trier! And, he put his name and his voice out there! No, I did not agree with all of his positions, but I never doubted his sincerity regarding his wish to see good things happen to this, his home! You could have just kept your fingers off the keyboard this morning, you know.


You are playing right into what Dave just wrote. Perez was always looking out for Perez. I had my time where I thought he was a great political mind. I learned the truth. Dave could not have hit the nail on the head harder here.

How long did you wait until you dragged his name through the mud?

You are classless.

What’s wrong with talking shit about the dead? At least David K is honest.



Judging by previous comments from Dungan and By-Tor on this blog, had DavidK said this about a conservative - you two would have piled on and agreed.

Sorry the guy died. Sad for his family. Charles Manson is dead and was certifiable. But its okay to say horrible things about him - right?

Perez played a lot of games politically here. Caused a lot of problems. Pushed petitions that were ridiculous - went nowhere but cost time and money for any government body he presented them too. When he worked for Holguin he did his best to disrupt the CM form of government - eventually was run out of the 10th floor at that time. Worked for Cobos when he was county judge - after his arrest - need I say anymore? Because of his ever changing political views you could not trust him in a political battle - be it a candidate or an issue. He didn't play fair. He loved the limelight - so don't expect everyone to grieve the dead when they played the games this guy did. He had the right to do what he did - but don't expect everyone to love him and say nice things. We are all entitled to our opinions.

There are a lot of people in politics here that I wish were dead :)

The hyprocisy of this bs is that all of you waited for Jamie to die before slandering him. Yet, behind the curtains all of you would contact him for policy or political advise. A lot of you would ask him to ghost write columns for you.

He did the work for you but you hid any affiliation with him. Now he is gone and you talk trash. How disrespectful, he's gone let him rest in peace. I wonder how many of you will visit his gravesite and ask him to write for you or get advice, in the dark so no one knows.


Never had more than a single word with guy in my entire life. Stayed away like the plague was shooting out of his eyes. He never wrote for me (nobody has) and he surely never advised me. If you want to go whine - go to Jaime's blog and cry.

I was making sure people didn't lose the truth with all this bullshit nostalgia blowing around.

You even want to get a beer I can tell you some shit that will make you think much differently of this guy. Had more people known... well let's just say many did, but you have to wonder why they didn't tell.

Its sad. I take a low dose Bayer every night. Jaime was always fair with me. He was just getting ready to move out to the country i think. I did not realize how young he was. I wish i could make his Wake. RIP

Not whining nor am I suggesting he did anything for you.

I am discussing all the politicians that used him and then deny him in public. If he was a bad guy, I never saw it and he was always friendly and kind to me. I admired his wit and telling it like it is.

Many of us have done things that would upset others but when a person passes it's time to forgive and let them rest in peace.

i think i remember when Jaime helped build a coalition of land and building owners around the UMC area so Caballero and Hunt couldnt get their property around that area. What was it called TIF ? I believe eminent domain was gonna be involved. My memory is not that great, but i think i remember something like that when Caballero was Mayor. Jerry K, can you remember that ? Its been a while.

I was really hoping this blog would say RIP and not trash JOP but, true to form, you decided to take the slimy route.

JOP took stands that I did not support and many I did. Maybe he shifted between parties but in El Paso political parties are fiction. I have no doubt JOP was truly a libertarian. He had values and stood up for them.

Now that your li'l friend Tolbert has apologized, go back to defending him and running down Susie Byrd. You are on shaky ground when you attack JOP.

I am sorry but JOP was never a political saint. Pain in butt comes to mind. Always bitchin about something, creating controversy, innuendo and I don't recall any solutions coming out of his mouth. Kinda like a blogger - except he wasn't. Ankle biter is a better description.

Show me ONE political Saint in El Paso.

Show me a man that told like it is and let the chips fall. That was Jaime !

Isn't it time to let the man rest in peace ? I'm sure you don't anyone trashing at the time of your demise.

Our culture is so strange. "Don't speak ill of the dead" we say. Yet, we go full blown retard on any living person that does? I'll never understand you El Pasoans.

Jaime was a nice person.
But he was very self serving, and he demanded attention and loyalty.
He became the kiss of death for any politico associated with him.
Nonetheless, he will be missed.

Jaime was a good person and bad at the same time. But who in this world isn't? Everyone in this world has good and bad in them. But no one should ever speak ill of the dead. And always remember "what goes around comes around." Try to be respectful some time David K. Also remember that your parents are getting up in age. Someday they will be gone. Do you want to hear shit about them after they are gone?

I knew Jaime. At the very least he deserved some measure of respect as his epitaph.

And Max. Blow me you pathetic raghead

Respect is earned.

If you can't say something nice about the dead, say nothing at all.

Rest In Peace, Jaime Perez.

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