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January 31, 2018


So is Jaime Abeytia working for Hamas now?



Escobar, Byrd are as guilty as Meow factor. When they stay silent about the ant-Semitic comments they are encouraging or at least condoning.

Everytime Escobar starts losing ground, the anti-Semitic attacks begin.

ANY Time there is a question about Dori, or how she is losing, then it turns into a "Poor Me" for Dori. Or, "Lets play the victim card-because I'm a Jew" train of thought.

I do what I want and am not beholden to Veronica. People are trying to paint Veronica as a Racist anti-Semite because Dori is her opponent. Her supporters have nothing better else to use. Dori's track record is VERY limited and does not speak well.

I could not find anywhere where Dori is practicing Law or is a licensed attorney. She claimed she is. Dori's term as President of the El Paso I School Board ended with her quitting early.

She was supposed to supervise Juan Cabrera for the bid of GAFCON and it was specced out by GAFCON itself. Then, she ups and quits early.

El Pasoan's are now paying on average $200 more per home property because of the Bond.

Get a grip on reality and quit hiding behind the Anti Semitic card you are playing. Admit that Dori is a Lifelong Republican and her husband has contributed mightily to Ted Cruz's campaign.

INstead, you hide behind the "Dori is a Jew, therefore all of her opponents are Anti-Semitic" statement.

No, her inexperience and her lifelong voting pattern are there for everyone to see.

Carlos: I will take Dori every day over Escobar. Escobar brought us the bankrupt Childrens Hospital and totally failed to take control of the situation despite months and months of warnings. Taxpayers will be stuck with this forever. We did not need a Children's Hospital. And we did not need the over-priced regional clinics. We also did not need to give the County Judge a raise. And I hope many voters noticed and objected to her efforts to control the city. Her efforts to gain national attention through her well publilcized media events for issues that are not local (not within her perview) are legend. I don't trust her. She's a media hog and will do nothing in DC except grandstand. She's not smart enough to do anything except follow the party line.
I don't care if Dori doesn't practice law. I don't care if her husband donates to Cruz. I don't even care that Escobar's husband deports Mexicans here illegally.

Dori does not hide behind her religion. It's the meow factor that continuously uses the anti-Semitic attacks at the behest of Escobar. Why does it matter about her religion?

You ignored that Escobar developed a list of contributors that matched Dori's. You ignored that Escobar considered fair game to attack Dori because of her spouses financial contributions to Republicans. However she blew a gasket when it was mentioned that her spouse is a Republican appointee. She then took a quote from her role model "what difference does it make ? ! " You ignored that Escobar considered it racist to jail immigrants. Then decided that jailing was "good" for them! Why the change ? They are a cash crop for Escobar. You ignored that Escobar felt the need to announce to the nation, during senate hearings, that she is a "county judge". As if that meant something to the nation. You ignore that Escobar decided to join in a lawsuit for Sancturary cities when she proclaims El Paso is not a Sancturary city. Although she always represents the interests of Juarez to the point she is the darling of the Mexican government.

I agree her record is there for all to see which is why we will not vote for her !

David or should we say Boris?
Colluding with the Russians to subvert the Democratic progressive election in El Paso against Vero. David,we meant Boris, hear Vero is paying for a dossier about you to use against you to discredit your Blog and family. Word is they have gone as far to look at your genealogy and there are clear ancestral ties to Russian like ten, maybe fifteen generations back! Boris,we mean David, are you a Russian operative? We know for a fact you once said Hello to a Russian!

"peoples' choice." I don't care about Dori's religion. It just seems that David K uses it as an excuse as one being anti-semitic anytime there is anything written against her. Especially from Veronica Escobar.

Not all Negative feelings about Dori are anti-semitic. Well, only around 6 weeks left and we will find out.

I read the antisemetic comments on another blog. Religion was the topic for about 2 weeks. Very blatant comments with the blogger denying the comments. Once Escobar started to feel the heat the comments stopped.

The comments just restarted because she is realizing that her record and lies are haunting her.

Religion should never be raised as. a topic. Remember the questions and doubt that developed because JFK was catholic. Recently we had the question of Mormonism that caused a candidate his standing. Then we have people questioning Obama's religion. It's a different discussion but why des a person's religion instead of qualifications be the topic?

Because it's dirty politics that's why. The meow factor is well known for that. He sees himself as a political genius. Truth is the only politics he knows is dirty. Worse is the people that pay him for the privilege of wallowing in the mud with him.. They hire him, use him to do the dirty jobs then thoss aside like a 2 dollar hooker. But, he prances around like he is someone.

Anyone that associates with him doesn't deserve any office that demands trust. We can't trust him and we can't trust Escobar. They're conjoined by the mouth.

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