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January 25, 2018


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there's a lot the local Republicans could do. Until they get rid of the 17th century old guard forget it. They refuse to enter the 21st century but more likely it's keeping power.

They exist in name only.

"Dudes running around dressed as women" is not what a transgender person is. Of course, in your pea-sized brain, that's how you equate it.

Of course at your ripe old age, you know it all. Of course you don't, but your'e just a rich, entitled kid born on 3rd Base and you think you hit a Triple.

With all your passion all things Republican, you should go work for Dan Patrick or Ted Cruz. You'd be more at home there than just blogging about your Conservative causes...you've always been an odd duck, especially in high school where you had no friends (except other fellow like minded guys like Stepen Miller (all 2 of your friends).

Little jealous of DavidK Augustus? You obviously are a nobody from HS if you have to troll DavidK's blog. Seriously - grow up.

Hey Snodgrass, you epotomize what's wrong with social media. You can engage in personal attacks while remaining hidden. I do not agree with DK's "men dressed as women" either (it's dumb analogy) but you do not get any points because you regressed into middle school name calling.


You spend a ton of time stealing other people's clever little ditties. What you haven't done is your homework.

1. I'm not rich and never have been. I went to UTEP on a credit card.
2. Couldn't tell you who Stephen Miller is. I hope he's not offended.
3. I had more than two friends - three and a half to be exact.

The "T" thing is a backdoor way to queue up the real Dem agenda which is to legalize the "P" thing. Connect the dots because, however you phrase the question, you deserve to know their answers.

Some El Paso Democrats just read David K's blog to see who he likes, and we know who to vote against. Thanks, asshole!


To be fair, the poorest people in El Paso can't get a credit card. You're rich to them because you can afford to pay for trash collection while they run to department store dumpsters when nobody is looking. I will vote for Escobar because I can't Donald Trump. Veronica's election is not a "shoe-in". With her attitude, Mrs. Pleters has disgusted members of her own support base. If we had a better POTUS, I would vote for Dori.

That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. Voting for Escobar because you hate trump. You realize there isn’t a Republican running for 16th Congressional District that can win. So the seat stays Democrat.

I am voting for Escobar because she is a tried and true Democrat. I am a Democrat.Donald Trump is abnormal. He is dangerous. Republicans are not doing anything to make him behave like a reasonable Republican President. Dori has no proven track record. If she did, I would support her with my vote. Trump is a tragedy.


You said some pretty offensive stuff about the LGBTQ community. Perhaps this is why republicans don't win.

Republicans inn El Paso don't win because there's real effort by them. And refuse to dismantle the super old guard and enter the 21st century.

If it's other areas, will there is a major in the Senate and Congress.

Apparently you have never hear of Log Cabin Republicans. This is a gay branch that votes conservative.

David KKK....You forgot to mention the time you spent at Texass Tech and then came home and worked for Daddy...Plus, you didn't mention who paid for your credit card. I'm sure it was Daddy again.

And, Really, you don't know who Stephen Miller is? He is a fellow Jew like you who is writing up all of Trump's immigration policies. He also wrote Trump's "Doom & Gloom and Carnage in the Streets Inaugural Speech. It was so bizarre that even W. Bush said "this is some pretty weird shit." He was the kind of asshole who would throw garbage on the floor and make the Mexican or Mexican American janitors pick it up. Google him. He's a piece of work. Just like his other Jewish buddy Charlie Kushner and his son Jared.

What I loathe and despise, are phonies, such as Dori (I beat 3 Hispanics) who are nothing but Republican and try to pretend they are a Democrat. Of course her husband, Mr. Silver, is helping on her vanity project.

Why don't you channel your energy into something constructive. You are not from El Paso. You don't live in El Paso. You have lived away much longer than you have in El Paso. So, butt out of local politics.

You must really hate Mexicans for your take on Dreamers. It works both ways sweetheart. Hugs and kisses.

Shylock/Augustus. What an attitude. Sounds really personal. Get a grip. Your rant looks childish.

Interesting times we are living in. The Democratic Party is fracturing right before our eyes. We can only assume that "Shylock" is an antisemitic Mexican that fails to realize that the Democratic Party is run by Chuck Schumer who is Jewish and Nancy Pelosi who is perhaps the most pro Israel member of congress. What are all the Jewish Americans thinking when they see all these "progressives" vitriolically attack Kushner and other Jews for being Zionists.

I've spoken to a few African Americans and I can tell you that they are very disappointed in the Democrats. They are furious that they shut down the government of non citizens and feel like the Democrats have taken them for granted. I don't see them going out to vote even if Jay-Z tells them to.

The Democrats progressive view on sexual genders is disgruntling a lot of senor citizens. Most people are fine with same sex marriage but are not fine with people being able to create their own gender. They worry about their children being influenced by this.

I keep hearing about this so called Blue Wave. However I the Democrats pushed too hard to the left on social issues. They also have their eyes shut, hands over their ears, and are running around screaming 'Russia Collusion.' It's been well over a year and there is NO TANGIBLE evidence. They acted like babies, through the largest tantrum in US politics, and it's time they get their spanking.

Shylock the Jew,

Your antisemitic rant makes you no better than the racist you call others... but the irony in that is lost on you. Small brains = small concept realization.

You still have the details wrong about me even though you are obsessed with me. You can't even stalk me right (facebook reference is just creepy, btw).

I can help you out - if you don't think I have any business writing about El Paso politics, why don't you just stop reading? It's that simple. I'm always astounded at people like you who want to make me out to be that older brother grasping your hand and smacking with you while repeating "stop hitting yourself"

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