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January 18, 2018


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We did not see anything in the video about Vero that wasn't true. Vero has pretty much shit on the tax payers of El Paso every chance she has had! In addition made damn sure they never had a just to vote on any of her tax increase which she could have by raising then enough to trigger a vote which Vero always made sure that wouldn't happen by making sure the margin for a vote was just below a trigger.
Vero is just one more example of the progressive Democrats and their Plantation Politics from the Democratic Plantation hand book!
Dave still would like Norma to win to see you guys get into a verbal switchblade knife fight at least once a month it at least leaves one with something to ponder!

Saw the video, Trash ? Not even litter the video was factual.

Hey David K, the video was real funny shit. Dori has been running some nice TV ads, and Veronica has sent out a nice mail out. Nothing from any of the other candidates running for that congressional seat. Did see just one or two ads from one of the guys running.

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