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January 09, 2018


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I thought Veronica and Stout got this all worked out and were the saviors of Children’s Hospital. They even stacked the board with people that would not ever go against them. Fall in line, nod their head in agreement and ignore the facts. I feel sorry for the employees at Children’s Hospital. Talk about crickets. Commissioners court and especially Veronica are dead silent on this issue.

David K, you are way 'too generous' with this observation: "We should not cast aspersions upon those who wanted to see this succeed. You should question those elected officials that mismanaged this thing into the ground."

If I recall, Children's Hospital had its own appointed board of trustees (or managers) who were separate from the UMC board. They hired Children's CEOs, and were the ones who guided that entity into the mess it was finally run into. A lot of the blame should be placed there!

In addition, the UMC board was allowed to appoint members to the Children's Hospital board, and certainly could have 'raised hell' earlier by alerting Commissioner Court. And it is certainly fair to say 'where in the hell' were County Commissioners, who gave those two entities a 'free hand', plus at a minimum could have used UMC's yearly budget approval, along with quarterly face to face updates to the Court, as oversight and transparency tools.

If I recall, it was a TV station (possibly KVIA) who initially surfaced the problems with Children's Hospital. Believe that TV station stayed after the issue; finally forcing or possibly even embarrassing the other media outlets to finally cover that costly debacle. Wonder where was that hot shot paper the Times?

So it now certainly seems fair, for candidates to bring this Children's Hospital issue up, during the current ongoing congressional election. Maybe now voters can get a little public transparency.

Oh and by the way; didn't Children's Hospital 'try to shit on' a local attorney, who at that time spoke up in public over that entity's bankruptcy matter? Wasn't he the guy who also owned a sports running shoe company?

It certainly seems that UMC board members, and especially County Commissioners (who always seem to love their media exposure), could have put a screeching stop to Children's chicken shit excludion tactics!

You are correct Old Fart. Andy Krasfur. And when UMC/CC reconstituted the Children's Hospital board they banned the guy from even being considered for the board!

EPT will not cover this issue. It would look bad for their favorite Latina - Veronica - even though she is no longer County Judge.

When politicians try to run private sector industries they screw it up every single time.

CH has no problem Vero put the El Paso taxpayers on the hook in keeping the doors open, the second time around, for a private business interest! The County will pony up the tax dollars with a tax increase and CH will stand alone into perpetuity on the backs of the El Paso Tax payers. Vero knew this and El Paso fail for it once again under the guise "It's for the Children".

CH is tbe Shaplites' Harvey Weinstein.

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