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January 05, 2018


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The bigger story is that a woman has managed to put up with Pickett that long.



David, Max and Martin - none of them live in El Paso. What is this saying about El Paso ex-pats?

That their life here was somehow a trauma and their blogs are a kind of talk therapy to deal with it all?

Jerry K
Most the smart people do leave El Paso in time. The truth is if it wasn't for Fort Bliss El Paso wouldn't be more than a wet spot on I-10 for those going other places!
As for Picket he has found Austin far more profitable and El Paso is just his job on the side now!
Then again do you really blame Picket for doing the traditional El Paso hustle of the poor downtrodden peoples or those who vote him into office again and again?

After living in Austin, who would in their sane mind come back to El Paso? Besides coming during campaign season, of course.

"After living in Austin, who would in their sane mind come back to El Paso?"
Same; Norma did. But then, she's not the type who would otherwise enjoy success staying in Austin.

Maybe its just me but I would never live in Austin. Between the traffic, the pretentious populace and the humidity (i.e. sweat factor), I find this desert city more attractive.

Agree with Desert Rat. Moved here 38 years ago and will never leave. One of the best kept secrets in the country! Easy solution for those who don't like it here - MOVE! Don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you as the saying goes! Fortunately, we will not miss you! Goodbye!

Yep,Ken the exodus has begun let's see if you can support the tax base once the exodus really hits hard. If Fort Bliss ever retracts in operations or closes your screwed! Then you can have your best kept secret with the drug and human traffickers and the cartels members living North of the border! Good luck on that one!

Thomas, you're correct. Cook convinced everyone to build everywhere because Europe based units would be repositioned at FT Bliss. Cook everyone that he and others could influence the DOD decision.

Years ago, the city lost an opportunity to build the local enconomy by supporting it. FT Bliss should have been only the gravy because we didn't know what could happen. Low and behold, Russia made its move. Europe based units were diverted to bases in the former Soviet Bloc. Now we have many empty houses and buildings because Cook once again failed in his bravado.

We should have built up local business and worked on bring industry to the area! Once again city council has sold the failed slogan "Build and they will come". Stats indicate people have left and none are coming. That is city info not mine. No one is coming . Look around at the empty houses and buildings. The stadium is losing millions but they still believe someone is coming. The airport has lowere numbers but they still you someone is coming. Hotels are experiencing a building boom while the current hotels are experiencing low occupancy but they still tell you someone coming. So why turn in the lights in empty rooms?

Thomas and I love the city but city and county government is ruining its uniqueness. It's destroying the landscape and history in the effort to make us look like some other city. Well, no one is coming. So the collusion plan is to force open borders to allow Juarez to fill the lie that someone is coming.

Don't believe the lie that a wall will ruin commerence. Legal business will continue to use legal entry so only illegal business will be affected.

I love El Paso and want to see the demolition stopped and stop using every single space to build. Concrete jungles are not progress.

Folks - all kinds of new homes being built in far east and far west El Paso County - people are already here! Baseball Stadium draws record attendance and one of top draws in all of minor league baseball - people are already here! Juarez has a problem that has not translated to a problem for El Paso. Count me among the concerned regarding that issue but it is a huge lie to claim that problem exists today. Statistics do not support your story! Folks - why all the doom and gloom! Downtown is being renovated at a great pace by some great leaders. Thank goodness El Paso has those willing to invest and yes, get ready for it, make a PROFIT! Capitalism at its finest!

Have not read the reports? The team is losing a million a year that's stats on record not an opinion. Pay a visit to El Chuqueno blog.

Record numbers attending, they just like UTEP that gives free ticket in an attempt to maximize attendance. The excuse for most of seats being empty, they claim that season tickets that failed to show, lol.

I agree there's many houses being built. Visit the house market for El Paso and the per centage of leaving and those coming.

Juarez has affected El Paso ? What do you think the affect is on the outside world that realize where El Paso or that's part of the US? There's idiots like cook and others telling the world that we are one and the same, a city with two mayors, interference in the sovereignty of a foreign country under the guise of the Sister City Program. A program that does not encourage dabbling in others affairs or making policy based on Juarez's social and refugee problems. Alburquere has 13 sister cities and they never make policy or decisions based on those cities.

So progress a rinky dink park that had major problems with cost, completion time and lost money. Progress is a structurally sound building like city being demolished and city services scattered throughout the city and pay outrageous lease fees to the local rag.

Progress is a trolley system that is forecast to need a million dollars in annual maintenance cost. Do you really believe they will earn enough to cover those expenses ? They paid over a million to renovate one car when they could had one for 800,000.

Progress is Brio buses that average 3 passenagers over trip, right behind them are the old buses that were being replaced. Computerized trash cans ? A big screen that breaks down because of fingerprints ?

Hotels and buildings that are under utilized but efforts to turn on lights to give the appearance of customers? Bicycle lanes that are extremely rarely used in a city that has obesity, hills and hot temperatures? A city that builds malls yet complains that business is lacking downtown ?Duh, read the reports of what malls do for cities. A city and county that has massive debt and no industry, low wages and highest property taxes. That's progress and capitalism ? Taxpayers okay for these failures with increases every year.

You drink a lot of tequila or Kool aid to NOT see or read the reports some of which are created by the people that telling you everything is great.

Thanks "Read me a fairy tale" for your darn good summary of reality versus the PR 'bull shit myth' some like to sell. Like others I too like El Paso, but at the same time am fully aware of its shortcomings.

El Liaro
Did like some thing about El Paso,some things about the culture but at the end of the day we moved which was a little over a year ago and will never move back.
One of the highest taxed communities in America with some of the nations poorest. Pay for Mercedes style government and get Ford Fiesta.
Ken a lot of the housing is being bought by foreign nationals not people from El Paso. Horizon City has property after property for sale because people are leaving. You are dreaming Ken if you believe El Paso is having any kind of recovery or on the road to recovery! The stats do not support your claim! If the direction doesn't not change in the next 15 to 20 years,maybe sooner,El Paso will become the Detroit of the Southwest.

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